Gardening with Free-Range Chickens

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Growing Edibles in a Chicken Garden: Layer by Layer

Each layer of your chicken garden offers a chance to grow beautiful edibles. Take advantage of the different heights of plants to provide a stunning layered landscape and a multitude of good eats for your [more…]

Keep Your Chickens Safe from Predators

Where there are chickens, there are predators. Be aware of potential predators where you live and be proactive so your chickens aren't attacked. The following table offers ways to keep your chickens safe [more…]

Handy Herbs to Benefit Your Chicken Garden

Looking for some plants to grow in your chicken garden that have beneficial qualities for your chickens? Look no further. Check out the following herbs that pull double-duty: They are lovely to look at [more…]

Checklist of Poisonous Plants to Chickens

Toxicity is a natural defense for a plant, and some common garden plants are potentially poisonous to chickens. Unlike other types of livestock, free-ranging chickens have a keen sense of what is good [more…]

Gardening with Free-Range Chickens For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Chickens are gaining popularity quickly. Not only are chickens fun and educational, they are beneficial to you and your garden. When you free-range your flock, you gain helpful gardeners who aerate soil [more…]

Farming Other Animals with Free-Range Chickens

If you love your chickens and have enjoyed free-ranging them on your property, it’s only natural to think of having other farm animals. What joy to have fresh milk, fresh goat cheese, or farm-raised lamb [more…]

10 Ways Compost Benefits Your Soil and Garden

Your compost is a custom mixture, an interesting byproduct of your life. All the ingredients thoroughly combined become organic, rich humus with incredible benefits to your soil, garden, plants, trees, [more…]

A Seasonal Guide to Your Free-Range Chicken Garden

Your chicken garden should change with each season. Even if you live in a mild climate you still experience subtle season changes and have seasonal chores. You'll want to know how your garden will change [more…]

Fencing Options for Your Chicken-Friendly Garden

Fencing is extremely important, especially with free-range chickens, because it provides a perimeter for your property and garden landscape. It sets a boundary that keeps things in — and things out. Fencing [more…]

The Evolution of Gardening and Keeping Chickens

Gardening has evolved quite a bit over the years. The addition of backyard and free-range chickens has come into the mainstream along with modern gardening. [more…]

The Process of Free-Ranging Your Chickens

Chickens in natural conditions forage for tender young succulent plant growth. Along the way they delight in finding bugs, insects, worms, and larvae. Chickens eat a wide range of foods such as plants, [more…]

7 Categories of Chicken Breeds

Chicken breeds, like dog breeds, can be categorized by their different purposes serving humans. Dogs are bred for many purposes, such as physical abilities, appearance, temperament, and show. Chickens [more…]

How to Create Sustainability in Your Own Backyard with Chickens

Sustainability is the ability to maintain a desired level of ecological balance without depleting natural resources. The more time you can devote to growing your own food, raising your own chickens, composting [more…]

Chicken Manure Management, Recycling, and Composting

If you have chickens, you will have manure. Fortunately, chicken manure is among the most prized of manures. Fresh chicken manure is considered a "hot" manure, which is unsuitable for immediate use. Chicken [more…]

Have Fun with Garden and Chicken Coop Style and Structure

Raising chickens in your garden has huge potential for further creating your preferred garden style, creating the kind of chicken coop you prefer, and how you actually mange your free-range chickens. [more…]

How to Determine Your Flock Size and Space Requirements

If you’re planning to start with a small flock, start with at least three chickens. They like to be active, and they require space. They prefer space to roam, rather than confinement, although sometimes [more…]

Anatomy of a Garden Chicken Coop

Okay, you’ve picked out the spot. You know where in your garden you want to situate your coop and outside pen. You’ve carefully assessed the size of a chicken flock that is best for you. [more…]

How to Transform a Dog Kennel into a Chicken Coop

To convert a dog house with kennel into a chicken coop and outside pen, all you need is time, muscle power, a few additional construction materials, and your creativity. Many unique chicken coops have [more…]

Chicken Eggs: Collecting, Storing, and Recognizing Imperfections

Eggs are a big part of owning chickens. They come in different colors and sizes and may have some imperfections. It's important to collect them each day and to know proper handling and storing techniques [more…]

How to Adapt Chickens with Family Pets

You may have pets already as part of your household. When introducing chickens to cats or dogs you already own, you should remember that your pets can become best buddies or deadly foes with your chickens [more…]

How to Find a Free-Range Option for Your Chickens

No matter how your land lays out, you have many different options for free-ranging chickens. The best method for you depends on your lifestyle, your garden landscape, your property setting, and how you [more…]

Provide Your Chickens Confined Range in Rotating Runs

This basic, hypothetical, confined-range chicken concept consists of multiple separate foraging runs or zones for a chicken flock. This concept can be used in an urban, suburban, or a rural setting. The [more…]

How to Rotate Permanent Runs for Your Chickens

A permanent rotating chicken run or zone has permanent fencing, and it essentially creates a zone for your chickens to forage in. Rotating runs are directly connected to the chicken coop with its own door [more…]

How to Set Up Temporary Runs for Your Chickens

Temporary runs are best when you want to focus your chicken flock to a particular area but don’t want it to be a permanent situation. An area can be created with a flexible light wire such as chicken wire [more…]

How to Use Mobile Chicken Tractors

Mobile chicken tractors, also called arks, are a viable option for confined ranging your chickens. You can find these tractors for sale online in various sizes, or you can build them fairly easily. If [more…]


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