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How to Choose and Plant Roses for Urban Gardening

Roses are really just specialized shrubs, so planting them in your garden is similar to planting other trees and shrubs, except for a few additional considerations you need to remember. [more…]

Urban Gardening: How to Maintain Your Container Garden

Container gardens are perfect for small urban gardesn. Maintaining container-grown plants means keeping them well watered, fertilized, and pruned; and keeping pests at bay. [more…]

How to Build a Vertical Garden

So where do you begin when it comes to vertical gardening? There are a number of reasons for growing plants in urban areas on vertical structures. [more…]

Urban Gardening: How to Choose Vertical Containers

In creating your own vertical garden, you can use do-it-yourself containers or ready-made products you can buy at the local urban gardening store. Here are some of these options: [more…]

So Many Places for Farming in the City

Most people think of farms as beautiful places in pastoral settings. Even in botanical gardens that grace most cities around the globe, the greenery and gardens there create a sanctuary that is fenced [more…]

Urban Farming: How to Find the pH Level of the Soil

The sweetness (alkalinity) or sourness (acidity) of your soil is measured by a term called pH. This term is used a lot in farming circles. It’s not necessary to understand the chemistry behind this “measure [more…]

Organic Urban Farming with Plant Matter

The soil is the heart of your urban farm, and organic matter is the soul of your soil. Organic matter in the soil is miraculous stuff. It can take a sandy, lifeless soil and make it teem with vitality [more…]

Urban Farming with Organic Fertilizers

Many urban farmers favor organic fertilizers over chemical ones for several reasons. Although organic fertilizers may be slower to release their nutrients, they offer you and your garden many advantages [more…]

How to Use Fertilizers in Urban Farming

In most situations, adding raw organic matter, compost, and manures to your urban soil will be enough to grow healthy flower and vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs, and lawns. But sometimes, you have to [more…]

How to Create a Picture Frame Garden in Your Urban Space

One idea to save space on your balcony or condo or apartment patio is to place your urban garden along the walls surrounding your space. Much like hanging a beautiful painting indoors, a picture frame [more…]

Urban Gardening: How to Buy a Tree or Shrub

Regardless of what tree or shrub you want to grow, the planting process is the same. If you don’t know which type of tree or shrub you want to add to your garden, consider your three options: [more…]

How to Create an Urban Community Garden

To start an urban community gardening program, begin by assessing the level of interest in your community. The first step is to find like-minded folks to help you organize the project. Ideally, you’d like [more…]

Urban Gardening: How to Choose and Plant Bulbs

If you want to grow spring and summer flowering bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, lilies, and gladiolus, you can plant them in the fall (for spring-flowering bulbs) or the spring [more…]

Urban Farming: How to Plant Seedlings

Whether you’re ready to plant your homegrown seedlings in your urban farm or the ones you bought at a local garden center, the basic steps are the same: [more…]

Urban Farming: How to Sow Seeds

You don’t need to plant everything as seedlings. For those annual flowers and vegetables that you want to sow directly in the soil from seeds, follow these steps: [more…]

Urban Farming: How to Decide Whether to Buy Seeds or Transplants

When you’re planning to grow an annual flowers or vegetables on your urban farm, you need to decide whether you want to start with seeds or transplants. Growing annual plants from seeds offers the following [more…]

How to Plant a Tree or Shrub in Your Urban Garden

Digging a hole big enough to add a tree or shrub to your garden in urban soils can be challenging. Many urban soils are compacted or made up of gravel, fill, and concrete. Often what looks like a nice [more…]

Ten Tools for Urban Gardeners

Creating the perfect urban garden is one thing. The right tool makes or breaks a gardening job. Using a hoe to dig a hole for planting a tree is like eating soup with a fork. It’s just not the right tool [more…]

Ten Kid-Friendly Ways to Garden in the City

Children’s gardening has become huge all across the country. Many educators, parents, and public officials see gardening as a way to reconnect kids with nature, get them outside for some healthy exercise [more…]

10 Tips to Manage a Sustainable Urban Garden

Sustainability involves three practices that ensure the wise use of water, materials, and other resources to make sure they last from one generation to the next and in harmony with nature. [more…]

How to Create a Simple Compost Pile

Creating a freestanding pile is the easiest method to break into composting. Your freestanding pile must be at least 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet (1 cubic yard or 1 cubic meter) up to 5 cubic feet [more…]

Planting Seeds in Small Containers

Nearly all vegetables can be grown from seed, and many gardeners aim to give them an early start ready to be planted out just after the last frost. To do this, you need to grow most seeds inside in trays [more…]

Planting Seeds on Your Allotment

You can start seeds growing indoors, but often the best policy is to sow seeds directly into the ground in the place where they���re to spend the rest of their lives. Most root crops are happier [more…]

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