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Banishing Insects that Prey on Container Plants

Of the thousands of insect species that call your plants home just a handful pose problems for gardeners. By far, most insects you see on your plants are benign, or even beneficial, so carefully identify [more…]

How to Divide and Repot Perennials

Divide and repot perennials to alleviate crowded roots. Because perennials tend to grow larger — in some cases muchlarger — than annuals, you may find your plants outgrowing their pots. [more…]

Choosing Perennials for Containers

Choosing the right perennial for container gardens requires the same considerations as those planted in the ground. Do your perennials need sun or shade? How much water? [more…]

Six Vines that Grow Well in Containers

Growing vines on trellises and other supports is a good way to add height to container plantings. A vine-covered arbor makes a lovely garden entryway, and vines growing on lattice can shield a porch from [more…]

Trees and Shrubs to Grow in Containers

Many hardy trees and shrubs are suitable for container growing. When choosing trees and shrubs to grow in pots, remember that the hardiness zones given are for plants growing in the ground, and that plants [more…]

How to Grow Fruit and Berries in Containers

While growing flowers and vegetables in containers can be a snap, growing fruit trees and berries takes a little more forethought. You need to become familiar with such things as rootstocks, pollination [more…]

How to Select Fruiting Plants for Container Gardening

Certain characteristics make some fruits better than others for growing in containers. But first and foremost, grow what you like to eat! If you love fresh strawberries on your cereal, by all means give [more…]

Fruiting Trees You Can Grow in Containers

Apples, peaches, and other tree fruits are ideal candidates for containers. Beautiful spring flowers followed by luscious fruit — what’s not to love? Fruit trees do require a bit more care than other fruits [more…]

How to Build a Terrarium

For a really self-sufficient indoor garden, try making a terrarium. Closed up in a large jar or aquarium, this kind of garden creates its own atmosphere and moisture. A terrarium needs only a good start [more…]

Low Light Plants for Growing in Containers

Place plants that adapt well to low light in east or north windows, foyers, stair landings — anywhere that receives little or no direct sun. But remember, if it’s too dark for you to read a book, it’s [more…]

Perfect Plants for Medium-Light Container Gardens

Some direct light is fine for plants that prefer medium light, but for the most part, they need bright but indirect light. Place them near a west or southeast window where they receive bright daylight [more…]

Houseplants that Need Lots of Light

To stay in top condition, sun-loving houseplants need to be in a container in a south or west window. These houseplants require and direct light much of the day. If you have the spot for them, give these [more…]

How Much Water Do Your Potted Plants Need?

When you water a container plant, the goal is to moisten the entire root ball and apply just enough water so that some drains out the bottom. Now, if the container is properly planted, a space exists between [more…]

How Often to Water Potted Plants

Potted plants’ water needs vary with the weather and the seasons — plants need less water in cool weather, more in warm weather, and so on. Thus, even an automated system requires adjustment so that it [more…]

Basic Nutrients for Healthy Indoor Plants

Although plants in containers can survive without plant food or fertilizer, making sure you plant have required nutrients will keep them healthy and attractive. Through photosynthesis, plants manufacture [more…]

Choosing a Fertilizer for Your Indoor Plants

When you know what nutrients your plants need and what type of fertilizer you prefer, you can choose the fertilizer that’s best for your houseplants. A fertilizer’s [more…]

How to Repot a Plant

In general, you can follow the same basic techniques for repotting a plant as you do for regular planting. Your biggest challenge may be getting the plant out of its current container. This may be easy [more…]

When Does a Plant Needs Repotting?

When does a plant need repotting? Any time its roots are overcrowded in the container. But don’t wait for outward signs that a plant needs repotting The following clues tell you it’s time to repot: [more…]

How to Prevent Plant Diseases in Your Container Garden

Only a few diseases really do much damage to container-grown plants, and most of those can be prevented or at least reduced in severity with good cultural practices or by planting resistant varieties. [more…]

Common Plant Diseases in Container Gardens

Plant diseases are often named by the symptoms they cause. Some diseases affect only one type of plant or part of a plant, for example the leaves. Here is a list of fungal and abiotic plant diseases that [more…]

Plant an Early Spring Container Garden

Celebrate spring with blooming bulbs and attractive annuals in this colorful little mix perfect for an outdoor table or front doorstep. The design features a repeating theme from three types of narcissus [more…]

Plant a Scented Container Garden

Container gardens satisfy your love of scented plants and flowers if you're short on space. Plant this container garden "recipe," and enjoy the wonderful fragrances that drift on the breeze. Reserve a [more…]

Plant an Elegant Entryway Container Garden

Enhance the elegance of your home by planting a container garden that has a formal flair. Choosing a planter with classical lines and made of stone or concrete sets the tone. With this container garden [more…]

Two Designs for Shady Container Gardens

A common lament is that nothing will grow under trees. That’s not entirely true, though. It’s true that tree roots growing near the soil surface can outcompete smaller plants for water and nutrients, and [more…]

How to Create a Container Garden

Container gardening is key to successfully gardening in the city. No matter how busy you are or how limited your yard, a beautiful container situated near the front door or back patio will help highlight [more…]


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