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Container Garden Bounty: Growing Vegetables and Herbs

If you grow vegetables in the ground, you know that the No. 1 rule is to keep them racing along — with plenty of water, fertilizer, sunlight, and whatever else the specific crops require. Vegetables and [more…]

How to Pick Pots for Container Gardens

The perfect pot for your container garden is one that enhances the plants and the location in which they're displayed. Choosing the right container involves a number of decisions: Determine the type of [more…]

Using Cactus in a Low-Maintenance Container Garden

Light and temperature are the defining needs of many succulents. In general, most need a great deal of bright light, although some take part shade. Most cannot survive for more than a night with temperatures [more…]

Container Gardening: Keeping a Home Garden in Limited Space

If you want to be green and grow your own food but have only a small space, you can still garden in containers. Container gardening offers the advantages of fewer insects and weeds to deal with and can [more…]

Ideas for Inspired Container Plantings

Combining the right plants with the right container can make for a traffic-stopping display. Follow these guidelines for creating container plantings that suit your style: [more…]

Choosing the Right Container-Gardening Tools

Having the right tools available when you’re growing plants in containers can make some of the chores easier. Most of the following items are available at garden centers or through mail-order suppliers [more…]

Container Gardening For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can create beautiful container gardens with a little planning and some ongoing attention. It all starts with picking the right plants and arranging them in an attractive container. Then, after you’ve [more…]

Which Vegetables Grow Well in Pots?

If garden space is limited, consider growing vegetables in pots. With persistence, you can grow any vegetable and other edibles in pots or containers. Some of the bigger sprawling plants, like squash and [more…]

Combining Vegetables in a Planter

When you grow vegetables in pots or planters you can combine different vegetables to look good together. You can even throw in some flowers. Here are some good favorite container vegetable combinations [more…]

How to Choose Pots for Your Container Garden

Plant containers come in myriad styles and types. When choosing pots for your container garden, consider the ultimate size of the plants you'll be growing, what the pot is made of, and some critical features [more…]

Tips for Filling Garden Pots with Soil

When making a container garden, you fill pots with soil, stick in the plants, and add more soil. Here are some tricks to container gardening outdoors that'll help you grow healthy vegetables and ornamentals [more…]

How to Care for Container-Grown Vegetables and Flowers

Taking care of container-grown flowers and vegetables is similar to caring for plants grown in beds. But plants grown in pots do require extra watering and feeding. Here are some pointers for taking care [more…]

How to Care for Annuals in Your Garden

Taking proper care of garden annuals isn't difficult. For the most part, annuals are easygoing because they're bred to be quite tough and durable. Grooming your flower garden [more…]

How to Use Annuals for Instant Color

Annuals are great for gardeners who want instant color and big impact. You can plant colorful annuals in the ground, in containers of all sizes, or fill small spaces that just need a touch of [more…]

How to Choose and Grow Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers (or flowering perennials) bloom every year; you don't need to buy new plants each year as you do with annuals. The flowers on perennials don't last all season; most bloom for two to four [more…]

Unusual Planters for Container Gardens

Unusual containers for your plants can be a lot of fun and add unexpected pleasure or whimsy to your garden displays. If the container is not entirely suitable [more…]

How to Grow Herbs in a Planter

Herbs are perfect plants for container gardens. The pots contain their growth and make it easy to bring them indoors when nights are cool. Creating a container herb garden is a terrific way to raise edible [more…]

Container Gardening: How to Plant Vegetables in Pots

If gardening space is limited at home, you can still grow vegetables — just plant your vegetable seeds or seedlings in containers and place the pots on your deck or patio. With containers, you can plant [more…]

How to Plant Bulbs in a Container

Planting just one variety of bulbs per pot ensures that all the bulbs in the pot will bloom at the same time. Mixing varieties in a container, on the other hand, results in flowers coming at different [more…]

How to Overwinter Container Perennials

In cold-winter climate areas, many container-grown perennials, trees, and shrubs can’t be left out in the elements — even if the same plants growing in the ground are perfectly hardy. When you choose perennials [more…]

What to Look for in a Soil Mix for Containers

Because the nature of garden soil changes when you confine it in a pot, it’s important to use a soil mix specifically formulated for containers. If you take a look at the ingredients on a bag of soil mix [more…]

How to Mix Your Own Soil for Container Plantings

To make your own planting mix for container gardening, buy a wholesale mixture of a general peat-based growing mix and then customize it to meet your needs. [more…]

How to Plant Hanging Baskets

Planting wire baskets isn't as easy as planting plastic hanging baskets. But whichever type of basket you are planting, begin by choosing the right type of soil. A successful soil mix for hanging baskets [more…]

How to Plant a Strawberry Pot

Strawberry pots, also called strawberry jars or pocket planters, have holes cut into the sides as well as an open top. The pots come in a range of sizes, but most have between 8 and 15 pockets sized for [more…]

How to Choose Bulbs for Containers

When choosing bulbs to plant in container gardens, planting just one bulb variety per pot ensures that all the bulbs in the pot will bloom at the same time. Mixing varieties in a container, on the other [more…]


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