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Understanding the Cardinal Rules for a Bird-Friendly Yard

The best place to start watching birds is close to home. Birds are present in most yards and gardens, no matter how small or urban the space may be. But why settle for the random robin? If you provide [more…]

Deciding Where to Put Your Water Garden

Whether your water garden consists of a barrel or tub with a few plants or a naturalistic in-ground pond, gardeners often cite water features as the element that truly complete a garden. [more…]

Identifying and Controlling Insects that Prey on Roses

Before you wrestle with any insects on your roses, make sure you know what the problem is. For a start, consult the list of common insects in this article. If you need further help, contact a local nursery [more…]

Getting to Know Garden-Speak

The language spoken in gardening circles can be quirky. For example, dirt isn't just dirt, it's soil. Dirt is what you make mud pies with. Soil, on the other hand, is full of promise and good nutrients [more…]

Container Gardening: Keeping a Home Garden in Limited Space

If you want to be green and grow your own food but have only a small space, you can still garden in containers. Container gardening offers the advantages of fewer insects and weeds to deal with and can [more…]

Checking for Disease/Distress When Buying Houseplants

Always give a plant a quick once-over, at the very least, before you make the purchase no matter where you're buying the plant. The following list tells you about the major signs of distress and disease [more…]

Buying a Bird Feeder

Shiny, clanky, commercially available bird feeders have a lot going for them. First and foremost, they keep the seed fresh and dry. It can be snowing like mad, covering up your bird table and ground feeding [more…]

Defending Your Roses from Insects and Disease

Successful rose gardeners are good observers. Check your roses daily for harmful insects and common rose diseases. If you find either, pesticides exist that are effective, are pretty safe to use, and have [more…]

Dividing Perennials in Your Garden

You can divide perennials whenever the ground isn't frozen, but the best time of year for division is a couple of months before severely cold or hot weather sets in. You want to give newly planted sections [more…]

Curing Chi-Flow Problems in Your Feng Shui Garden

The free and easy movement of chi (life energy) through the garden is essential to good Feng Shui. Without it, your garden doesn't produce as abundantly, and your own energy is negatively affected. [more…]

Green Living: Attracting Wildlife to Your Green Garden

One "green living" approach to gardening is to create a habitat that attracts and supports wildlife. A green garden is a haven where wildlife can make homes, feed, and breed safely without danger from [more…]

How to Choose a Garden Hose

The best, longest lasting garden hose is one that's composed of layers. The inner layer of a garden hose needs to be a smooth, flexible rubber or synthetic tube. To protect it and give it toughness, the [more…]

Finding Bird Hotspots

Birds may stop by a place where they see other birds (that's why ducks check out a pond with decoys), but if that spot doesn't supply their needs (food, water, shelter, a place to breed), they move on. [more…]

Watering and Feeding Perennials

How often you water perennials depends on the usual factors: climate, soil type, sun and shade exposure, and so on. Most perennials require water only when the top few inches of soil dry out but before [more…]

Winterizing Your Water Garden

Autumn is the time to put your water garden to bed and decide what to do with your fish. As the water temperature in your garden pond cools down, you'll cease fertilizing, and the plants will begin to [more…]

Planning Your Bird Watching Field Trip

A field trip is defined as going afield — that is, beyond your immediate home surroundings or backyard. For many beginning bird watchers, their first organized field trip is with a bird club. This field [more…]

The Five S’s of Vegetable Gardening Success

You can break down the essential elements of a successful vegetable garden into five words, all starting with the letter S. Here’s a foolproof formula: [more…]

Deciding Which Vegetables to Plant in Your Garden

Are you having trouble deciding which vegetables to plant in your garden? This list is a quick reference to help you determine which vegetables are good for your particular needs: [more…]

Preventing Pests and Other Problems in Your Vegetable Garden

Before you reach for the insecticide sprayer to attack pests in your vegetable garden, try some of these lower-impact methods to reduce problems from harmful insects and diseases. Often, a pest problem [more…]

Vegetable Gardening For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Everyone loves good food, and food grown in your own vegetable garden is simply the best. You just need a few essential elements for a successful vegetable garden: a properly sized site with a good selection [more…]

USDA Hardiness Zones for Plants

If you live in a cold-winter area, choose roses that can survive with minimum damage. This plant hardiness zone chart (based on average annual minimum temperatures) is from the USDA; it helps you figure [more…]

Foolproof Tips for Growing Roses

Planting your roses is just the beginning of care. Follow these basic rose-growing guidelines to help keep your plants growing vigorously and producing fabulous blooms: [more…]

Types of Roses

Picking a rose plant is a matter of personal preference. Do you want fragrance, a climber, lots of blooms, a certain bloom size, or a compact plant? Here are the types of roses and their basic differences [more…]

Know Your Rose Lingo

To grow roses successfully, you need to know the lingo. These rose terms describe parts of the rose plant, petal forms, color types, and more! Get to know these terms and start sounding like a master gardener [more…]

Ten Popular Roses

Looking for popular rose varieties? For the past several years, these ten roses have been popular among home gardeners: [more…]


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