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Plant a Scented Container Garden

Container gardens satisfy your love of scented plants and flowers if you're short on space. Plant this container garden "recipe," and enjoy the wonderful fragrances that drift on the breeze. Reserve a [more…]

Plant an Elegant Entryway Container Garden

Enhance the elegance of your home by planting a container garden that has a formal flair. Choosing a planter with classical lines and made of stone or concrete sets the tone. With this container garden [more…]

Two Designs for Shady Container Gardens

A common lament is that nothing will grow under trees. That’s not entirely true, though. It’s true that tree roots growing near the soil surface can outcompete smaller plants for water and nutrients, and [more…]

How to Extend Your Gardening Season

The end of the growing season brings sadness to the hearts of even casual gardeners. How do you live without all those flowers and vegetables? Although you can’t stave off winter forever, consider these [more…]

How to Choose the Perfect Plant Food

No matter what the manufacturers tell you, there is no one plant food that works well for all of your garden needs. Different kinds of plants need different kinds of fertilizers, and the table here lists [more…]

How to Prune Plants

Pruning plants isn’t just about shaping them. It impacts how well your plants will grow. A mixture of hormones and food controls a tree’s growth. Some of the tree’s important hormones — growth stimulators [more…]

How to Propagate Plants from Cuttings

When people speak of propagating plants, they usually mean taking cuttings — using pieces of stems, roots, and leaves to start new plants. Softwood stem cuttings, taken from spring until midsummer, root [more…]

Insects that Damage Your Garden

Whether you have container gardens or in-ground gardens, battling destructive insects is inevitable. When insect eggs hatch, they become larva, immature insects, which is often the most plant-destructive [more…]

Effective Barriers Against Common Garden Insects

If you find a troublesome insect invading your garden, don’t make insecticides your first response. Pests can’t damage your plants if they can’t get to them. Block their access with simple, but effective [more…]

Using Soaps and Oils to Combat Garden Insects

Soaps and oils kill a wide range of pest insects, but affect beneficial insects, too. Insects breathe through pores in the cuticle that surrounds their bodies. If you plug up the pores, the insects suffocate [more…]

How to Prevent Common Garden Diseases

Plant diseases are a concern in any garden. Several different kinds of organisms cause plant diseases. Viruses are the toughest ones because they’re incurable — all you can do is try to prevent them. Bacteria [more…]

When Do Roses Bloom?

Roses bloom on and off throughout the season (from midspring to fall), making them among the most desirable garden plants. Most modern hybrid teas, floribundas, grandifloras, miniatures, and modern shrubs [more…]

How to Test Your Landscape Design

After you sketch your landscape design, you need to test it. Now, you get to play with a bunch of weird objects to make your landscape look alive. Pull your garden hoses out of their perpetual nest-of-snakes [more…]

Landscape Plan: Turn Your Front Yard into a Park

What do you want from your front yard? You may want shade trees and a big lawn that merges with the neighbors’. Or maybe you want a courtyard — an approach that has worked in Spain for hundreds of years [more…]

Landscape Plan: Create a Friendly Front Entry

Think of a front entry garden as your personal way of greeting visitors. This part of your yard is a personal statement, and it can reflect you — your favorite plants, touches of outdoor decoration, a [more…]

Landscape Plan: Create a Side Yard Getaway

The side yard plan shown here makes the most of a typical long narrow side yard shape. Space in the side yard is often neglected, mainly because it’s a tight space that tends to be out of sight. Side yards [more…]

How to Landscape for Privacy

One challenge in landscaping is to provide privacy while creating an enjoyable and useable space. The landscaping plan here uses both plants and fencing for privacy. [more…]

Landscaping to Conserve Water

If you live in an area where water conservation is a priority, you may want at least part of your landscape to thrive without irrigation. (Keep in mind that almost anything you plant needs watering to [more…]

Landscaping around Play Areas

Whether you have a pool or just kids that need to run off energy in your yard, you can landscape your play areas so that everyone has space to enjoy the great outdoors. Landscaping around a pool involves [more…]

Matching Trees and Shrubs to Your Site

To match the right plants to the right place, consider your expectations: What purpose will your trees and shrubs serve in your landscape (privacy? beauty?) and how much maintenance you’re willing to do [more…]

Places to Avoid Planting Trees and Shrubs

Planting the right trees and shrubs in the right place is not just an aesthetic strategy. It promotes safety and prevents damage to the plants, nearby buildings and utilities, and relations with the people [more…]

How to Water Roses

Just like people, roses need water to be healthy and bloom beautifully. No water? No rose bush. You just end up with a dried-up dead stick poking through parched soil. Roses need more water more often [more…]

Choosing Fragrant Rose Varieties for Your Garden

Because fragrance is a great selling point, mail-order rose catalog descriptions never keep fragrant rose varieties a secret. To further narrow your choices, you can always look for those that have been [more…]

Choosing Hybrid Tea Roses for Your Garden

You can choose among hundreds of hybrid tea roses. You can go for color, fragrance, cut flowers, thornless (look for “smooth” in the name), or even a wacky name. Most people choose by color so here are [more…]

Choosing and Caring for Grandiflora Roses

As a class, grandiflora roses bear large, long-stemmed, hybrid tea-like flowers, either in clusters or one to a stem. Generally, grandiflora plants are tall, hardy, and vigorous, but plant habits can vary [more…]

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