Designing a Lawn

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Choosing a Cool-Season Grass

If you’re not sure what type of grass to plant, you need to determine what you value most in a lawn. The most commonly planted cool-season grasses include bent grass, Kentucky bluegrass, fescues, and ryegrass [more…]

Choosing a Warm-Season Grass

If you live in a warm climate, you should choose from among these commonly used warm-season grasses: Bahia grass, common and hybrid Bermuda grass, centipede grass, St. Augustine grass, and zoysia grass [more…]

Lawn Climates of North America

The United States contains nine lawn regions. The region you live in determines the type of lawn you should plant. The list here can give you guidance about the grasses to plant in your zone, but you can [more…]

Choosing the Right Lawn for Your Space

Your climate zone is not the only factor that determines what kind of grass you should plant in your lawn. Your yard space might have its very own microclimate. Say you live in North America — the Midwest [more…]

Choosing Lawn-Friendly Trees for Your Yard

You can grow almost any tree successfully in a lawn, provided you properly take care of the tree and the lawn. You can prune densely growing tree branches to let more light through so that grass can grow [more…]

Where to Plant Cool-Season Grasses

Generally, cool-season grasses are best suited for moist, northern climates, where summers, although warm, are relatively short, and winters are cold. Such grasses also do well in high elevations with [more…]

Farming with the Urban Sun

The urban farmer has to remember that urban environments typically experience higher temperatures than suburban areas because the paved surfaces that abound in urban areas lead to a lot more sunlight penetration [more…]

Farming with Seasonal Urban Wind Patterns

Understanding wind flow and how it affects your landscape may be useful to you in your sustainable farming efforts. Perhaps you would like to screen against harsh winter winds or channel in a cool summer [more…]

How to Create Urban Garden Art from Recycled Materials

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! You can sustainably reuse many materials as garden features in your outdoor room or urban garden, from old skis and bicycles to antique furniture and bed frames [more…]

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