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Caring for a Lawn

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Dealing with Gophers and Moles in Your Lawn

Gophers and moles can be a real threat to a lawn. Digging, burrowing, trashing the whole lawn — don’t these critters have anything better to do? People often confuse moles and gophers, even though these [more…]

How Much Fertilizer to Apply to Your Lawn

Fertilizer recommendations are based on the amount of actual nitrogen a lawn needs in a year. The amount of grass fertilizer you decide to apply should take into account several factors, including the [more…]

How to Identify Common Lawn Weeds

No one likes a weedy lawn. Following are 16 of the most troublesome lawn weeds, with information to help you identify and control them, so you can have the nicest most weed-free lawn on the block: [more…]


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