Health & Safety of Your Goats

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Preparing for a Vet Visit to Treat a Goat

Before you call a vet to come to your farm or bring a goat in for a non-routine care visit — unless it is a serious emergency — take a few steps to make sure that your goat gets the most appropriate care [more…]

Recognizing the Signs of a Sick Goat

Your goats will let you know when something’s wrong, but you need to recognize the signs. You need to investigate further or begin taking action if you see the following signs of illness: [more…]

Using Body-Condition Scoring to Fine-Tune Goat Feeding

If you're new to raising goats, you might not be sure that you're feeding them the right amount of food. Body-condition scoring is a way to determine whether a goat is in good health. You can use it to [more…]

What Are the Signs of a Sick Goat?

Whether you're raising goats as pets or to supplement your green lifestyle, one of the most important parts of being a goat owner is making sure that they're healthy. You can do it when you're feeding, [more…]

How to Take Your Goat’s Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration

Part of a green lifestyle may include raising goats. As a goat owner, you need to know how to check your goat’s vital signs. Checking your goat’s temperature, pulse, and respiration can tell you a lot [more…]

How to Protect Your Goat Herd from Toxins

After you finally get the goats you dreamed of to supplement your green lifestyle, you don't want to put them at risk or lose them from an avoidable cause. Goats are curious, and if there are toxins around [more…]

How to Protect Your Goats from Predators

If you're going to raise goats, you need to find out about common predators in your area. Don’t think that, because you're raising goats in the city, you don’t have to worry about predators. Although some [more…]

Using Guardian Animals to Protect Your Goats

Many goat owners keep livestock guardian dogs, donkeys, llamas, or alpacas with goats as full-time guard animals. Guardian animals can add a substantial cost in terms of training and upkeep, but they may [more…]

How to Protect Your Goats from Poisonous Plants

Goats will eat almost anything, but you must guard against your goats eating poisonous plants. Goats ignore poisonous plants most of the time, but because of their need to browse, they may try them just [more…]

How to Control Insects in Your Goats' Living Space

If you're new to raising goats, it may surprise you that flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs are part of raising livestock. But you do have some options for controlling these critters. The cheapest way to [more…]

How to Store and Rat-Proof Your Goat Feed

Raising goats is part of a green lifestyle. Always make sure to store your hay, grain, and other feed in a location that your goats can't reach. You also need to keep grain, opened bags of chaffhaye, beet [more…]

How to Keep Your Goats Physically Fit

Raising goats can be a great way to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, but you want to keep them healthy and happy. Goats are into exercise by nature because they're browsers, which means they're always [more…]

Why You Should Castrate Your Buckling Goats

Responsible goat owners who breed goats eventually have to turn a buckling into a wether — that is, castrate him. Fortunately, castration is an easy procedure and is surprisingly not that hard on a goat [more…]

How to Recognize Signs of Illness in Your Goats

Goats are creatures of habit. You can learn these habits and use them to identify illness simply by observing your goats a couple of times each day. Besides, it's a good excuse to spend time with your [more…]

Creating a First Aid Kit for Goats

If you have only a couple of goats, you probably can afford the occasional veterinary visit. But as your herd grows, you're likely to find that you want to save money and hassle by treating some of their [more…]

How to Tell if Your Goat Has Parasites

The best way to find out whether your goats have parasites is through fecal analysis, which involves collecting a sample of goat berries, mixing them with a solution, and viewing the resulting sample under [more…]

How to Give Your Goat an Injection

You can have a vet visit or take your goats to a clinic to receive vaccinations or other injections, and many goat owners do this. But to save the money, you can do it yourself. Giving injections is easy [more…]

Common Vaccinations for Goats

If raising goats is part of your green lifestyle, you can make yourself more sustainable by giving your goats vaccines yourself. Just what vaccines do your goats need to be healthy? Well, [more…]

How to Draw Blood from a Goat

A veterinarian will come out to your farm to do most kinds of tests on your goats. But you can be more sustainable and save money by drawing blood from your goats and sending the samples directly to a [more…]

Internal Parasites to Watch Out For in Your Goats

Raising goats can be part of a green lifestyle, but you have to learn to deal with the internal parasites that are common in goats. They mainly affect the goats' digestive system, although a few migrate [more…]

How to Deal with CAEV in Goats

Goats, like humans, are subject to viruses of different sorts. One of the worst viruses that can afflict your goats is Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus [more…]

How to Treat Abscesses in Your Goats

Raising goats is part of a green lifestyle, but to be sustainable, you have to learn to handle your goats' common health problems, such as treating abscesses, without calling in the vet. Abscesses often [more…]

The Importance of Quarantining New Goats

If you’re adding goats to an existing herd, you need to quarantine any new goats you purchase for at least 30 days. This means that you need an area with adequate shelter that completely separates your [more…]

How to Buy a Healthy Goat

No matter whether raising goats is part of your plan to green up your lifestyle or just a hobby, you want to make sure that the goats you purchase are healthy and aren't going to rack up a lot of veterinary [more…]

Watching for Signs of Stress in New Goats

If you've just brought home new goats, whether to enhance a green lifestyle or to keep as pets, you need to watch them for signs of stress. Even when you start with healthy goats, transporting can stress [more…]


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