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Choosing Goat Breeds for Fiber

If you're a home spinner or want to get your own supply of fiber, consider raising fiber goats. Angoras produce the fiber called mohair, which is a silky fiber used in many products. Cashmere, produced [more…]

Pasteurizing Goat Milk and Keeping It Fresh

If you're raising and milking goats as part of a green lifestyle, you'll want to keep your milk fresh and to pasteurize it. The best way to keep milk fresh is to drink it as soon as possible. But even [more…]

How to Hand-Milk a Goat

If you're raising goats as part of a green, sustainable lifestyle, you'll want to milk them. Hand-milking a goat isn't difficult, but you do have to practice to be efficient at it. Some goats are like [more…]

How to Machine-Milk a Goat

Raising goats for milk is part of a green lifestyle. If you don't think your hands are strong enough to hand-milk your goats, you have a problem such as carpal tunnel, or milking your goats by hand just [more…]

Selling Goat Milk Legally

Raising goats is part of a green, sustainable lifestyle, but if you want to sell your goat milk, you have to understand the laws. Although selling anything other than Grade [more…]

How and When to Shear Your Goats

If you're raising goats to harvest the fiber for your own use or to sell, you need to know the basics of shearing. Not all goats have the same requirements. For example, you need to shear Angora goats [more…]

How to Process Goat Fiber

Before you turn your goat fiber into yarn, you need to put it through several processes. To process your fiber, you need to wash, card or comb, and spin. Here are some hints for preparing goat fiber. [more…]

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