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Building Beehives For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As you plan your new adventure in building beehives, you first want to decide which hive design to build based on your woodworking skills and your beekeeping needs. You also need to know the tools and [more…]

How to Choose a Beehive that Is Best for Your Needs

So with all the different beehive plans to choose from, how do you decide which one to build? Maybe you just like the look of one hive over another. A better way to decide is to determine the primary reasons [more…]

11 Ways to Dress Up Your Beehives

Here are eleven ways to dress up your beehive, from easy — swap out the wooden handles for some interesting, decorative hardware — to more difficult projects including shingles, observation windows, and [more…]

11 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Beehive Equipment

When you begin building beehives, saving money is always tempting, but think about the long term as you build your beehives. When you compromise quality early on, you pay for it later on. Avoid the temptation [more…]

Measure for the "Bee Space" in Your Beehive

Adhering to a measurement called the bee space lets you build hives that allow for the easy removal and inspection of combs and the simple separation and manipulation of the hive boxes. The bee space is [more…]

How to Measure and Mark Lumber for Your Beehive

Figuring out how to read a tape measure is one of the most vital skills for building a beehive. Take a moment before you start cutting anything to become familiar with your tape measure and how to use [more…]

How to Assemble Langstroth Frame Beehives

You assemble all Langstroth beehive frames, no matter the size, in an identical manner. Follow these instructions for each frame you put together. The configuration of frames is much like a picture frame [more…]

Types of Joints for Building Beehives

The good news is that many beehive build plans keep it simple. You use only four different joinery techniques for many beehive builds.

You can join wood together using all kinds of techniques. Collectively [more…]

Flashing and Wire for Building Your Beehives

Wood isn’t the only material you work with as you build beehives. A number of beehive designs make use of metal — specifically, aluminum flashing and wire hardware cloth. [more…]

Assemble the Parts of Your Beehive

After you measure, mark, cut, and join all your materials, it’s time to assemble everything into an honest-to-goodness beehive. Here are a few simple hints that makes building your hives and equipment [more…]

Safety before You Begin to Build Your Beehive

Before you pick up a hammer to drive a single nail into your beehive, spending a few moments to review some safety basics is essential. Any sharp tool has the potential to create the kind of danger in [more…]

Follow Safety Practices while Building Your Beehives

Safety involves more than just wearing the right safety gear. You want to ensure that your workshop environment and your own behavior keep safety paramount. Here are some critical best practices to follow [more…]

A Few Essential Hand Tools for Building Beehives

Here are some basic hand tools you will need for building nearly all the beehive build plans you'll likely come across: [more…]

The Right Saws and Blades for Building Beehives

Forget about old-fashioned handsaws. You won’t likely use them on any beehive projects. They’re slow going, tiresome to use, and simply not precise enough for the task. [more…]

Nice Tools to Have For Building Beehives

It’s mighty fun to consider those extra shop toys that make work on your beehives easier, faster, or more enjoyable. So even though the following items aren’t absolutely necessary, they’re a great way [more…]

How to Choose Lumber for Your Beehive

Beehives are typically made from wood. You have hundreds of kinds of wood to choose from. But from a practical and financial viewpoint, you should limit your “discovery” to those woods that are readily [more…]

Size Up Lumber for Your Beehive

Here's all you need in order to size up and purchase lumber for building your beehive. For example, most everyone has heard of a two-by-four. It’s the lumber used to frame a house. And that’s how you’d [more…]

Types of Fasteners for Building Beehives

Fasteners are the screws, nails, and staples you use to assemble your beehives and equipment. There are gazillions of different screws and nails in the marketplace. If you plan to build a number of different [more…]

Kinds of Roofing and Screening Materials for Beehives

The roof of your beehive takes the brunt of abuse from sun, rain, snow, and other climatic challenges. The roof (or outer cover) is a critical component for keeping your hive dry and your bees safe from [more…]

Protect Your Beehives with Paint and More

After you build your masterpiece beehive, you’ll want to protect it from the elements. After all, most of this beekeeping stuff is intended to be kept outdoors year-round, where rain, sleet, and the gloom [more…]

What Do Bees Need in a Beehive?

The hive is the bees’ home. As a doting beekeeper, you aim to provide an environment for your bees that meets or exceeds the needs they seek out in nature. Here are the basic housing requirements for raising [more…]

Building Beehives: Checking Regional Laws and Requirements

Before you build a terrific new beehive, you need to know where you’re going to put it. You should become acquainted with legal, neighborly, and venue considerations before you do this. [more…]

How to Talk to Your Neighbors about Your Beehive

Whether you live in the country or the city, for many among the general public, ignorance of honeybees is complete. Having been stung by hornets and yellow jackets, they assume having any kind of bee nearby [more…]

Pick the Perfect Location for Your Beehive

You can keep beehives just about anywhere: in the countryside, in the city, in a corner of the garden, by the back door, in a field, on the terrace, or even on an urban rooftop. You don’t need a great [more…]

How to Cut Lumber for Your Beehive

Follow these steps to make cutting your lumber (both board lumber and plywood) easier and to give you better results when building your beehives. Cutting wood with a table saw isn’t difficult, but it surely [more…]


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