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What Is Normal Goat Behavior?

Many people are choosing to raise goats as part of a sustainable lifestyle. If you're new to raising goats, understanding goat behavior will help you keep your herd healthy and happy. Goat herds are hierarchical [more…]

How to Teach Your Goats to Behave

Caring for your goats is a lot easier if your goats have some basic training and are used to being handled. Nothing is worse than having to chase down and capture a sick goat or having to drag and lift [more…]

How to Train a Goat to Walk on a Lead

Lead training your goats is essential if you're planning to show your goats. A jumping, fighting, or recalcitrant goat doesn't fare well in the show ring. Even if you don't show goats, teaching them how [more…]

Advanced Goat Training

Goats are very smart and, despite their independence, can be taught to do much more than follow on a lead or come when called. Start training when goats are kids if you want to succeed with advanced training [more…]

Watching For and Treating Pneumonia in Goats

Raising goats is part of a green lifestyle, but to be sustainable, you have to learn to handle common problems like treating pneumonia — an inflammation of the lungs caused by parasites, CAEV, CLA, a sudden [more…]

How to Diagnose Feed-Related Problems in Goats

Making sure your goats have proper nutrition is one of the most important things you can do as a goat owner. Many health problems, such as scours, bloat, and enterotoxemia can be traced back to what your [more…]

How to Prepare Goats for Breeding

If you want to breed your goats, it helps to know about goat breeding behavior. Some goats can breed or be bred when they're as young as two months old, although the majority are not fertile until four [more…]

How to Breed Your Goats

To breed goats, you have to recognize when a doe is in heat and when a buck is in rut. Some signs that your goats are ready for breeding are more obvious [more…]

How to Resolve Problems in Your Goat's Pregnancy

If you have goats as part of your green, sustainable lifestyle, you might want to breed them. Pregnant goats require some special considerations even if the pregnancy is normal. Here are some conditions [more…]

How to Get Ready for Kidding

To make your goat's kidding go more easily and protect both dam (mother) and kids, you need to take certain precautions before the big event. Here are some tips for having a successful kidding season. [more…]

How to Tell When Your Goat Will Kid

As part of your sustainable lifestyle, you will want to be able to handle the routine birth of goats without calling in a vet. As the time nears for your goat to kid, you may get just as nervous as she [more…]

Goat Labor and Birth

Most goats can give birth without human help, but if you want to raise goats as part of your green lifestyle, you need to know the basics of kidding so you can help when you have to. Here are the basics [more…]

Caring for a Doe and Her New Kid

Your goats are likely to be fine giving birth without assistance, but after they kid, there are some things you can do to help the doe and her kid get off to a good start. The first thing to do when a [more…]

How to Tube-Feed a Weak Kid

One of the most exciting parts of raising goats as part of a green lifestyle is kidding. But when a baby goat is born too weak to suck, you need to get fluids into him. If the kid is a newborn, he needs [more…]

How to Develop a Goat Milking Routine

Goats are creatures of habit. If you want to maximize the amount of milk you get and make milking easier, you need to develop a regular milking routine, which means using the same place and same procedure [more…]

Pasteurizing Goat Milk and Keeping It Fresh

If you're raising and milking goats as part of a green lifestyle, you'll want to keep your milk fresh and to pasteurize it. The best way to keep milk fresh is to drink it as soon as possible. But even [more…]

How to Care for Nursing Does

To help a nursing goat stay healthy, you must care for the udder and prevent mastitis. The udder is composed of two halves and is held up by ligaments in the front, back, and sides. Each half has a mammary [more…]

How to Hand-Milk a Goat

If you're raising goats as part of a green, sustainable lifestyle, you'll want to milk them. Hand-milking a goat isn't difficult, but you do have to practice to be efficient at it. Some goats are like [more…]

How to Machine-Milk a Goat

Raising goats for milk is part of a green lifestyle. If you don't think your hands are strong enough to hand-milk your goats, you have a problem such as carpal tunnel, or milking your goats by hand just [more…]

Selling Goat Milk Legally

Raising goats is part of a green, sustainable lifestyle, but if you want to sell your goat milk, you have to understand the laws. Although selling anything other than Grade [more…]

Ten Tips for Showing Goats

If you have purebred goats and are interested in competing or want to see how your goats compare to others of the same breed, you can show them at fairs and other events put on by different goat associations [more…]

How and When to Shear Your Goats

If you're raising goats to harvest the fiber for your own use or to sell, you need to know the basics of shearing. Not all goats have the same requirements. For example, you need to shear Angora goats [more…]

How to Clip Your Goat for Showing

To a show your goat, you need to pretty it up a bit by washing, clipping, and trimming hooves. Not all goat shows have the same grooming requirements, so check before you clip. Here are some hints for [more…]

How to Process Goat Fiber

Before you turn your goat fiber into yarn, you need to put it through several processes. To process your fiber, you need to wash, card or comb, and spin. Here are some hints for preparing goat fiber. [more…]

How to Assess Your Goat's Health by Observing Rumination

If you're new to raising goats in your effort to live sustainably, you may not know that rumination is a good indicator of your goat's health. Because rumination is an essential part of how goats digest [more…]

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