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How to Pick Treats for Chickens

While a chicken’s diet should be well balanced, an occasional treat can be good. Treats can help relieve boredom in confined chickens, including those that are being kept inside for the winter. They may [more…]

Things to Consider when Designing a Chicken Coop

Building a chicken coop takes time, at least some skills, and a lot of careful planning. Before you start hammering, pull out some graph paper and make sure you address everything a chicken needs to stay [more…]

How to Choose a Pre-Fab Chicken Coop

Building a chicken coop isn’t always the best — or cheapest — way to house your backyard chickens. Many affordable pre-fab chicken coops are on the market. However, you need to know how to choose a chicken [more…]

How to Choose the Right Coop for Chicken Housing

Choosing a chicken coop goes hand-in-hand with other chicken-keeping considerations. There are many ways to raise chickens in your backyard successfully, depending on the type of chicken you plan to raise [more…]

Where to Find Information on Hobby Farming

Finding information about farming (hobby or otherwise) isn't hard — plenty of resources are available. After you've exhausted all of the books at your library and scanned the Internet for information about [more…]

Hobby Farming: Know Your Growing Seasons

Deciding which crops to plant depends on how well things will grow on your farm. The length of the growing season is vital because you want your plants to produce fruit before the first frost. Determine [more…]

Plant Rotation Suggestions for Hobby Farming

Rotating the plants (crops) on your farm enhances plant health and soil quality. To rotate your plantings, divide your garden into several sections and plant each section with a different family of plant [more…]

Hobby Farming: Basics of Farm Animal Care

What's a farm without animals? A hobby farmer who wants to raise animals must understand that he or she is responsible for their care. Animals need food, water, exercise and clean shelter everyday. Good [more…]

Hobby Farming: Warning Signs of Illness in Farm Animals

A hobby farmer, like a commercial farmer, must keep an eye on the health of the farm animals by checking them routinely. Daily observation tells you the animals' habits, and will help you determine if [more…]

Deciding on Farming as a Hobby

If you decide to leave the hubbub of the city for farming, remember that farming involves tasks that aren't part of the responsibilities of city jobs. Here are some ways to lessen the learning curve if [more…]

Hobby Farming For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re thinking about taking up farming as a hobby, educate yourself about the responsibilities. Research hobby farming by using local resources (like the library and neighbors), using the Internet, [more…]

Preparing Your Property for Raising Goats

Bringing home goats requires some forethought on your part so that you can keep your goats safe and healthy and protect them from predators. Here’s a glimpse of the projects you need to undertake before [more…]

Asking the Right Questions before Buying Goats

Although you probably are excited to buy goats and bring them home, taking some precautions to make sure that you get healthy goats is an important first step. After you have determined what kind of goats [more…]

Preparing for a Vet Visit to Treat a Goat

Before you call a vet to come to your farm or bring a goat in for a non-routine care visit — unless it is a serious emergency — take a few steps to make sure that your goat gets the most appropriate care [more…]

Recognizing the Signs of a Sick Goat

Your goats will let you know when something’s wrong, but you need to recognize the signs. You need to investigate further or begin taking action if you see the following signs of illness: [more…]

Raising Goats For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Goats make great pets! And as more and more people look for ways to live sustainably and grow their own food, goats are a wonderful option for raising meat and milk, and you can harvest their fleece, as [more…]

Choosing from Basic Chicken Coop Styles

The style of chicken coop you build depends on many factors, including the size of your flock and the space limitations of your property. Chicken coops come in many shapes and sizes, but most fall under [more…]

Tools You Need to Build a Chicken Coop

The tools you need to construct a chicken coop depend on the kind of coop you choose to build and the materials you decide to utilize, but you’ll almost certainly need these building basics: [more…]

Typical Building Materials for Chicken Coops

Building materials can vary widely when it comes to chicken coops because many people simply reuse materials they already have on-hand. But if you’re making out a shopping list for your chicken coop, these [more…]

Carpentry Skills to Master before You Build Your Chicken Coop

To put the pieces together on any chicken coop you choose to build, you need to feel comfortable performing the following basic actions before you start: [more…]

Building Chicken Coops For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Chicken owners are a particularly self-reliant bunch. Chicken-keeping is meant to make you just a little more self-sufficient; why spend gobs of cash to do it? Maybe that helps explain why so many chicken [more…]

Supplemental Feed for Your Goats

Goats need supplemental minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients in addition to those they get in their hay, grain, and browse. Vitamins and minerals are essential to keeping goats healthy, making sure [more…]

Using Body-Condition Scoring to Fine-Tune Goat Feeding

If you're new to raising goats, you might not be sure that you're feeding them the right amount of food. Body-condition scoring is a way to determine whether a goat is in good health. You can use it to [more…]

How Much to Feed Pregnant and Lactating Goats

If you're raising goats as part of a green lifestyle, you need an overall feeding program to keep your goats at maximal performance, but at times you need to make exceptions for certain goats or categories [more…]

Supplying Your Goats with Water

Whether you are raising goats as part of a sustainable lifestyle or because you like to keep them as pets, they need a consistent supply of fresh, clean water to grow properly, stay healthy, and do their [more…]


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