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How to Do Downward-Facing Dog Posture (Adhomukha Shvanasana) in Yoga

The Sanskrit word adhomukha (pronounced ahd-ho-mook-hah) means “downward facing,” and shvan (pronounced shvahn) means “dog.” Yoga masters were great observers of the world around them. They particularly [more…]

How to Do Warrior I (Vira Bhadrasana I) and Warrior II (Vira Bhadrasana II) Postures in Yoga

Warrior I and Warrior II are very important postures in Yoga. The Sanskrit word vira (pronounced vee-rah) is often translated as “hero” and bhadra (pronounced [more…]

How to Do the Yoga Half Chair Posture (Ardha Utkatasana)

The half chair posture strengthens the back, legs, shoulders, and arms and builds overall stamina for Yoga. The Sanskrit word ardha (pronounced ahrd-ha [more…]

How to Do the Standing Spread-Legged Forward Bend (Prasarita Pada Uttanasana) in Yoga

This Yoga posture, also called the wide-legged standing forward bend, stretches your hamstrings and your adductors (on insides of the thighs) and opens your hips. The hanging forward bend increases circulation [more…]

How to Perform Yoga Balancing Postures

Contemporary life is highly demanding and stressful; if you’re not properly grounded through Yoga’s balancing postures, you face a constant risk of being pushed out of balance. [more…]

How to Do the Cobra I, II and III Yoga Postures

Daily life entails lots of forward bending: putting on a pair of pants; tying shoelaces; playing sports, and so on. The cobra and other Yoga back bends, which stretch the front of the torso [more…]

How to Do the Locust I, II, and III Yoga Postures

We put our bodies through a rigorous amount of forward bending: getting the mail; working at the computer; gardening, and so on. The Yoga locust postures counteract this by allowing your body to do some [more…]

How to Do Yoga Side Bend Postures

The spinal column can move in four basic ways: forward (flexion), backward (extension), sideways (lateral flexion), and twist (rotation). The Yoga side bend is often the least practiced. This missed opportunity [more…]

How to Do Yoga Forward Bend Postures

Forward bends are usually a good way to begin any Yoga movement routine (unless you’re dealing with spinal disc injuries or certain other back problems). Though back bends are the lively extroverts of [more…]

How to Do Simple Upright Yoga Twist Postures

Ropes get their strength from the twisted strands that comprise them. Yoga twisting postures have the same positive effect. When thinking about the human body and mind, people often associate the word [more…]

How to Do Reclining Yoga Twist Postures

Reclining twist postures call for you to lie down — with a (literal) twist. In these Yogic twists, you harvest all kinds of benefits, including a delicious feeling of release in your spine. [more…]

How to Do Reclining Yoga Warm-Up Postures

Most Yoga practitioners enjoy reclining (supine)exercises because the postures are intrinsically relaxing. When you pair them with warm-ups, the combination effectively allows you to warm-up specific muscles [more…]

How to Do Standing Yoga Warm-Up Postures

The standing Yoga postures are probably the most versatile of all the groups. They can be used for warm-up/preparation, compensation, or as main postures. As a warm-up, use standing postures when the next [more…]

How to Do Seated Yoga Warm-Up Postures

Yoga postures provide a very broad spectrum of possibilities. You can do an entire routine from a seated position, including forward bends, back bends, side bends, and twists. [more…]

How to Bring Balance with Yoga Compensation Postures

Compensation is part of bringing you back into balance, which is a key concept in Yoga. Use compensation postures to unwind or bring your body back into neutral, especially after strenuous postures. [more…]

How to Perform Yoga Rest Postures

When practicing Yoga, the two best indicators of the need to rest are your breath and energy level. Monitor yourself throughout the session. If your breath is loud and uneven, rest. If you feel a little [more…]

How to Create Your Own Yoga Routine with the Classic Formula

To truly achieve a sense of well-being with Yoga, you want to ensure that your routine is right for you. Try creating your own routine. When you create your own Yoga program with our classic formula, you [more…]

How to Do Yoga Pregnancy Postures

Practicing Yoga during pregnancy calls for caution — no single posture or routine works the same way for everyone. Plus, what feels right during one trimester may not be appropriate during the next. In [more…]

How to Do Kid-Friendly Yoga Postures

When done in sequence, this set of Yoga kid-friendly postures forms a well-balanced routine. In addition to providing you with instructions to give your child as he gets into the posture, there are suggested [more…]

Guidelines for Successful Yoga Meditation

Think of your Yoga meditation as a tree that you must water every day — not too much and not too little. Trust that one day your nurturing will bring the tree to bear beautiful blossoms and delicious fruit [more…]

How to Do the Advanced 12-Step Yoga Sun Salutation

To enjoy the greatest benefit from all your Yoga postures, execute each part with full participation of your mind. When you stand, really stand; plant your feet firmly on the ground. When you bend or stretch [more…]

How to Connect the Branches of Yoga for Mind-Body Workouts

Just as the branches on a tree are all connected to the same trunk, so the many different Yogic disciplines all connect at a common root. And as you try the physical branch called Hatha Yoga, you may become [more…]

How to Speak the Language of Yoga in Mind-Body Workouts

In Sanskrit — the language of Yoga — the accents are not in the traditional English positions of second or third syllables, so watch your automatic responses when you say these aloud. You may hear these [more…]

8 Key Principles of Yoga for Mind-Body Health

To properly master Yoga and attain some or all of the benefits, you want to keep a few principles tucked safely under your sticky mat for safekeeping.

Three basic benefits of Yoga are awareness, breath [more…]

How to Choose a Hatha Yoga Style for your Mind-Body Practice

Many of those who now teach Yoga or other mind-body practices took it up when they were trying to heal themselves in some way, physically or mentally.

Traditional exercise or healing disenchanted them. [more…]


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