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How to Maintain Proper Bodily Posture for Yogic Meditation

Meditation is a part of Yoga that often goes unpracticed in Western cultures. As with Yoga, correct posture is important for meditation. This seven-point checklist can help you develop good sitting habits [more…]

Tips for Doing Backward Bends in Yoga

Yoga can help with the strains of daily life. Daily life entails a lot of forward bending: putting on a pair of pants, tying shoelaces, picking things up from the floor, working at your computer, gardening [more…]

10 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Yoga Practice

Yoga can be a very rewarding experience. Because it is sometimes difficult to see the benefits of your efforts immediately, here are ten tips for growing your Yoga practice into a sturdy, fruit-laden tree [more…]

How to Select Main Postures and Compensation Poses to Develop Your Own Yoga Routine

When your body is warmed up, you can move into what are referred to as the main postures, the central part of the Yoga routine. Interspersed among the main postures are [more…]

What is Partner Yoga?

Partner Yoga is a joyful practice that brings two people together to create a new posture. In contrast to what’s referred to as assisted Yoga, in partner Yoga, each person gives support and receives benefits [more…]

How to Do the Yoga Partner Teeter-Totter

The Yoga partner teeter-totter exercise decompresses the lower back and builds strength in the arms and shoulders. You start as you would in the suspension bridge and add a flourish. [more…]

Partner Yoga: How to Do the Partner Table Pose and Double Triangle

Partner Yoga postures can be a unique way to experience Yoga with another person. You can mix and match these exercises and add them into your normal routine for a change. [more…]

Partner Yoga: How to Do the Seated Straddle Pose and the Partner Diamond

Partner Yoga is a new way to add some flavor to your normal routine. This can be a rewarding experience. However, remember that you should feel comfortable with your Yoga partner. [more…]

Partner Yoga: How to Do the Seated Twist and Partner Camel

Partner Yoga can be a good way to integrate new techniques into your own traditional routine. Try the following exercises for a little extra challenge for you and your Yoga partner. [more…]

Tips for Partnering Yoga with Pregnancy

Taking a gentle approach to Yoga during pregnancy can be just what the doctor ordered. It may be just what the midwife ordered as well because it helps you cultivate a sense of confidence in your own body [more…]

How to Do a Safe, Quick Prenatal Yoga Routine

This short Yoga routine focuses on the areas of the body that you want to strengthen as you prepare your body for giving birth. Make sure you have consulted your physician to be sure you have no special [more…]

Tips for Continuing Yogic Exercise after Pregnancy (Postpartum)

You should probably take a short break from Yoga after pregnancy. Many traditional cultures honor a period of rest for the newly delivered mother, to give her time to recover from childbirth and bond with [more…]

Yoga Postures that Relieve Lower Back Tension

All these Yoga postures help you release your lower-back tension, aided by support from either a prop or the floor. The magic is in the execution of these ancient postures to suit [more…]

10 Tips for a Safe Yoga Practice

Yoga offers a complete body and mind workout, with a complement of benefits you rarely find elsewhere. Yet as Yoga has become more popular, Yoga-related injuries have also become more common. With the [more…]

How to Do a Yoga Downward-Facing Dog Pose

Yoga's downward facing dog position stretches your back and strengthens wrists, arms, and shoulders. This asana, one of the ten core poses, is good for beginning yoga students who aren't ready [more…]

How to Do a Yoga Triangle Pose

A yoga triangle pose stretches your legs and spine. These beginner instructions show you how to do this standing yoga posture correctly. [more…]

How to Do Yoga A-Series Sun Salutation

This video shows you how to move through the sun salutation from a seated position, a great series of Yoga exercises for beginners. The sun salutation increases flexibility, builds strength, and relaxes [more…]

How to Do a Yoga Forward Bend

Stretch your spine and the backs of your legs as you tone your tummy muscles with the seated forward bend. This video shows you how to perform the basic yoga pose, along with a variation that increases [more…]

How to Do the Cat and Cow Poses in Yoga

Relieve back pain by posing in the Cat and Cow asanas. Two of the ten core yoga poses, these positions stretch your back and increase flexibility. Exercise your body and relax your mind with yoga. [more…]

How to Do a Yoga Child's Pose

Position yourself in child's pose to rest and to normalize circulation. Often placed between more challenging yoga poses, the child's position also stretches your back. [more…]

How to Do Yoga B-Series Sun Salutation

Performing the sun salutation from a standing position builds strength and flexibility as the series of Yoga movements relax your mind and body. This video show you how to perform each step in the popular [more…]

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