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How to Do the Yoga Auspicious Posture (Svastikasana)

Before its perversion in Nazi Germany, the svastikaserved as a solar symbol for good fortune. It has the same meaning in Yoga. The term is made up of the prefix [more…]

How to Do the Yoga Perfect Posture (Siddhasana)

The Sanskrit word siddha (pronounced sidd-hah) means both “perfect” and “adept.” In Yoga, an adept isn’t just a skillful practitioner, but an accomplished master who has worked to attain inner freedom. [more…]

How to Do the Yoga Mountain Posture (Tadasana)

The mountain posture is the foundation for all the standing postures in Yoga. Tadasana aligns the body, improves posture and balance, and facilitates breathing. The classic version isn’t recommended for [more…]

How to Do the Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana) in Yoga

The Sanskrit word uttana (pronounced oo-tah-nah) means “extended,” and this Yoga posture certainly fits that bill. The standing forward bend stretches the entire back of the body and decompresses the neck [more…]

How to Do the Half Standing Forward Bend (Ardha uttanasana) in Yoga

The Sanskrit word ardha (pronounced ahrd-ha) means “half.” This Yoga posture is beneficial in many ways. The half standing forward bend strengthens your legs, back, shoulders, and arms, and improves stamina [more…]

How to Do the Asymmetrical Forward Bend (Parshva Uttanasana) in Yoga

The asymmetrical forward bend Yoga posture stretches each side of the back and hamstrings separately. The Sanskrit word parshva (pronounced pahr-shvah) means “side” or “flank,” and this posture indeed [more…]

How to Do the Triangle (Utthita Trikonasana) Posture in Yoga

In Yoga, the Sanskrit word utthita (pronounced oot-hee-tah) means “raised,” and trikona(pronounced tree-ko-nah) means “triangle.” The latter term is often mispronounced as [more…]

Tips for Finding Suitable Yoga Instruction

Okay, you’ve decided to try Yoga. What’s the next step? Safest is to set your sights on a suitable Yoga class or teacher instead of plowing forward as a strict do-it-yourselfer. Although you can explore [more…]

Yogic Breathing: Tips for Breathing through Your Nose (Most of the Time)

No matter what anybody else tells you, yogic breathing typically occurs through the nose, during both inhalation and exhalation. For traditional yogis and yoginis, the mouth is meant for eating and the [more…]

How to Achieve a Deeper Stretch with The Yoga Miracle

To see and experience firsthand the power of PNF in the context of Yoga, grab yourself a partner and follow these instructions for The Yoga Miracle. You can achieve a deeper stretch than normal with this [more…]

Common Yoga Breath and Movement Questions

Getting the hang of breath and movement in Yoga takes a bit of work when you tackle them separately, and combining them successfully can be even trickier. Here are some tips on handling both. [more…]

How to Infuse Sound into Yogic Breathing

Sound, which is a form of vibration, is one of the means by which Yoga harmonizes the vibration of your body and mind. In fact, the repetition of special sounds is one of the oldest and most potent techniques [more…]

3 Basic Yoga Ab Exercises

These yogic postures for the abdominal muscles incorporate a team approach that values slow, conscious movement, proper breathing mechanics, and the use of sound. The emphasis here is on the [more…]

2 Advanced Yoga Ab Exercises

These yogic postures for the abs use slow, conscious movement, proper breathing mechanics, and the use of sound. Conscious breathing, especially the gentle tightening of the front belly on each exhalation [more…]

Tips for Developing Your Own Yoga Warm-Up Routine

Any physical exercise requires adequate warm-up, and Yoga is no exception. Warm-up exercises increase circulation to the parts of your body you’re about to use and make you more aware of those areas of [more…]

How to Develop Your Own 15-Minute Yoga Routine

Sometimes you have only 15 minutes, but even 15 minutes of Hatha Yoga can put you back on an even keel and refresh you. When you opt for a 15-minute program, you need to be specific about your goals. Consider [more…]

How to Do the Yoga Partner Suspension Bridge

Partner Yoga exercises require a certain amount of touching and trust in your partner, so be sure you are comfortable with your partner. The partner suspension bridge is a Yoga partner exercise that decompresses [more…]

Partner Yoga: How to Do the Hugasana and Partner Warrior II

Partner Yoga can be a rewarding experience with a trusted partner. It can also serve to add variety and, sometimes, difficulty to an otherwise normal routine and is the ultimate way to learn from another [more…]

Partner Yoga: How to Do the Partner Tree Pose and Yoga Miracle Pose

Partner Yoga can be a unique experience and addition to your normal Yoga routine. Just remember, partner Yoga requires touching and trust with your partner. So choose your partner wisely for the best experience [more…]

How to Do the Reverse Triangle Posture (Parivritta trikonasana Variation) in Yoga

The Sanskrit word parivritta (pronounced pah-ree-vree-tah) means “revolved,” which makes perfect sense with this Yoga posture. You can compare the action of twists, including the reverse triangle, on the [more…]

The Benefits of Yoga for Teens

Yoga practice in the teenage years is so much more than an exercise program. Yes, it provides an energy outlet and a way to build muscle and flexibility — both important in their own right. But Yoga practice [more…]

The Benefits of Yoga through Midlife and Beyond

Midlife, as the word suggests, refers to the middle of life. With a little extra help from Yoga, it’s not, as some people think, “The End,” but rather a new beginning. Yoga helps you navigate the physical [more…]

How to Do Extended Leg Slide-Ups to Strengthen Your Abs with Yoga

Yoga can be helpful for your well-being and your abs. A variation of navasana, the extended leg slide-ups is a Yoga exercise that strengthens both the upper and lower abdomen, as well as the neck. [more…]

How to Find Yoga Props at Home

The human species prides itself on its use of tools, and Yoga’s growing popularity in the Western world has spawned an industry of Yoga-related props — gear that can be complicated and costly. But useful [more…]

Tips for Successful Yogic Meditation

Meditation is an important part of Yoga. Think of your meditation as a tree that you must water every day — not too much and not too little. Trust that, one day, your nurturing will bring the tree to bear [more…]

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