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Yoga For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Yoga is an ancient practice that still provides numerous benefits today to the people who practice it regularly. Some people are scared off by certain myths they’ve heard about Yoga, but in truth, there’s [more…]

How to Avoid Common Yoga Injuries

The risk of injury in Yoga is small, especially when compared with other sports. With wise practice, you can avoid injury entirely. After all, you're practicing Yoga to feel better in your body and mind [more…]

Find Lucidity in Yoga — Even in Sleep

Lucid waking is the art of being present in the moment, of living with mindfulness throughout the day, which is what Yoga is first and foremost about. When you’re lucid during your waking hours, you’re [more…]

How to Eat Like a Yogi

The wisdom of Yoga not only brings you inner peace and balance — it also can guide you to eat in a healthful fashion for yourself, your global neighbors, and the planet. This list offers you suggestions [more…]

Resources to Boost Your Yoga Practice

You can find a wealth of Yoga resources for further study and practice. This list recommends a few yoga-related books, DVDs, and more worth taking a look at. [more…]

How to Practice Yoga while Traveling

What’s essential to Yoga? Just body, breath, and mind. Yoga is incredibly portable. Wherever you may find yourself, you have your body and your breath. And with those elements present, you can calm your [more…]

How to Use Yoga to Relieve Upper Back and Neck Pain

Regular Yoga practice is a perfect antidote for the stresses of everyday life that can strain the upper back and neck. Think about all the activities you do during the course of the day that have you hunched [more…]

4 Basic Approaches to Yoga

Since Yoga came to the West from its Indian homeland in the late 19th century, it has undergone various adaptations. Broadly, you can look at yoga in four overlapping approaches. [more…]

What You Need for Yoga Class

When you choose a Yoga class you think can work for you, you may be nervous about actually taking the plunge and heading to your first session. Here are some tips that will answer your questions about [more…]

How to Enjoy a Peaceful Yoga Practice

As you travel through yogic postures, you begin to build awareness of the communications taking place between your body and mind. Do you feel peacefully removed from the raging storm of life around you [more…]

How to Perform Forgiving Limbs for Yoga Beginners

In Yoga, as in life, function is more important than form. The function, not the form, of the posture gives you its benefits. Beginners, in particular, need to adapt postures to enjoy their function and [more…]

Tips for a Successful Yoga Relaxation Practice

The Sanskrit word used in Yoga for relaxation is shaithilya, which is pronounced shy-theel-yah and means “loosening.” It refers to the loosening of physical and mental tension and effort — all the knots [more…]

How to Relax with the Yoga Corpse Posture

The simplest, yet most difficult, of all Yoga postures is the corpse posture (savasana, from shava and asana, pronounced shah-vah sah-nah). This posture is the simplest because you don’t have to use any [more…]

How to Revitalize with an Afternoon Yoga Exercise

When your energies flag in the afternoon, try the following Yoga exercise as a great stress buster. You can practice it at home or in a quiet place at the office. Just make sure that you aren’t interrupted [more…]

How to Relax with the Yoga Magic Triangles Technique

This Yoga relaxation technique utilizes your power of imagination. If you can picture images easily in your mind, you may find the exercise enjoyable and refreshing. For this exercise, you need a chair [more…]

How to Use Yoga to Relax before Sleep

If you want to enjoy deep sleep or you’re experiencing insomnia (but you don’t want to count sheep), the following Yoga exercise can help you. Many people don’t make it to the end of this relaxation technique [more…]

How to Beat Insomnia with Yoga

This Yoga exercise is for people who suffer from insomnia but have an active imagination. Instead of watching your mind weave tale after tale when you can’t sleep at night, why not recruit your imagination [more…]

How to Perform Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)

If your body-mind is slow to wind down to get its well-deserved rest, here’s a potent technique to entice Mr. Sandman to visit you. Yogic Sleep is a powerful relaxation technique that you can do when you [more…]

How to Relax with Yogic Breathing

Yogic breathing is a healthy practice for relaxation. Think about the many times you’ve heard someone say, “Now, just take a couple of deep breaths and relax.” This recommendation is so popular because [more…]

How to Perform the Complete Yoga Breath

If shallow or erratic breathing puts your well-being at risk, the complete yogic breath is your ticket to excellent physical and mental health. If you do no other Yoga exercise, the complete Yoga breath [more…]

How to Combine Yoga Breathing and Postural Movement

In Hatha Yoga, breathing is just as important as the postures. How you breathe when you’re moving into, holding, or moving out of any given posture can greatly increase the efficiency and benefits of your [more…]

How to Practice Breath Control the Traditional Yoga Way

Hatha Yoga includes various methods of breath control, all of which belong to the more advanced practices and traditionally follow extensive purification of body and mind. Some Western teachers have incorporated [more…]

How to Do the Yoga Chair-Sitting Posture

Sitting postures are good for Yoga beginners. Cultural habits inspire most Westerners to sit in a chair when they meditate, so floor sitting is usually something folks have to work up to with practice. [more…]

How to Do the Yoga Easy Posture (Sukhasana)

According to Yoga master Patanjali, a posture must be “steady” (sthira) and “easeful” (sukha). The basic Yoga sitting position is called, appropriately, the easy/easeful posture [more…]

How to Do the Yoga Thunderbolt Posture (Vajrasana)

The thunderbolt posture is one of the safest sitting postures for Yoga students with back problems. Vajrasana increases the flexibility of your ankles, knees, and thighs; improves circulation to the abdomen [more…]

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