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How to Bring Balance with Yoga Compensation Postures

Compensation is part of bringing you back into balance, which is a key concept in Yoga. Use compensation postures to unwind or bring your body back into neutral, especially after strenuous postures. [more…]

How to Perform Yoga Rest Postures

When practicing Yoga, the two best indicators of the need to rest are your breath and energy level. Monitor yourself throughout the session. If your breath is loud and uneven, rest. If you feel a little [more…]

How to Create Your Own Yoga Routine with the Classic Formula

To truly achieve a sense of well-being with Yoga, you want to ensure that your routine is right for you. Try creating your own routine. When you create your own Yoga program with our classic formula, you [more…]

How to Do Yoga Pregnancy Postures

Practicing Yoga during pregnancy calls for caution — no single posture or routine works the same way for everyone. Plus, what feels right during one trimester may not be appropriate during the next. In [more…]

How to Do Kid-Friendly Yoga Postures

When done in sequence, this set of Yoga kid-friendly postures forms a well-balanced routine. In addition to providing you with instructions to give your child as he gets into the posture, there are suggested [more…]

Yoga Routines for Teens

A lot of what group Yoga classes across America (especially in health clubs) offer today was originally designed for lightweight teenage boys in India whose lifestyles involved a lot of squatting. Middle-aged [more…]

Level I Safe Chair Routine for Older Adults

You don’t have to practice Yoga on the floor. If getting down to the floor or getting up and down is difficult, chair Yoga offers spinal freedom while allowing you to remain in your comfort zone. You can [more…]

Level II Safe Chair Routine for Older Adults

Yoga doesn’t have to be practiced on the floor. Consider performing your Yoga routine in a chair. This routine allows you to improve your flexibility, mobility, and balance even while seated. [more…]

Guidelines for Successful Yoga Meditation

Think of your Yoga meditation as a tree that you must water every day — not too much and not too little. Trust that one day your nurturing will bring the tree to bear beautiful blossoms and delicious fruit [more…]

How to Use Yoga to Help Upper Back and Neck Pain

If you experience discomfort or limited movement in your upper back or neck, chances are your posture and possibly stress are the culprits. These Yoga moves help you avoid those problems and gives you [more…]

How to Do the Advanced 12-Step Yoga Sun Salutation

To enjoy the greatest benefit from all your Yoga postures, execute each part with full participation of your mind. When you stand, really stand; plant your feet firmly on the ground. When you bend or stretch [more…]

How to Connect the Branches of Yoga for Mind-Body Workouts

Just as the branches on a tree are all connected to the same trunk, so the many different Yogic disciplines all connect at a common root. And as you try the physical branch called Hatha Yoga, you may become [more…]

How to Speak the Language of Yoga in Mind-Body Workouts

In Sanskrit — the language of Yoga — the accents are not in the traditional English positions of second or third syllables, so watch your automatic responses when you say these aloud. You may hear these [more…]

8 Key Principles of Yoga for Mind-Body Health

To properly master Yoga and attain some or all of the benefits, you want to keep a few principles tucked safely under your sticky mat for safekeeping.

Three basic benefits of Yoga are awareness, breath [more…]

How to Choose a Hatha Yoga Style for your Mind-Body Practice

Many of those who now teach Yoga or other mind-body practices took it up when they were trying to heal themselves in some way, physically or mentally.

Traditional exercise or healing disenchanted them. [more…]

4 Yoga Warm Up Postures for Mind-Body Workouts

Warm-up postures in Yoga are about gently telling your body that you’re going to be moving more in your mind-body workout. You can do some warm-up postures during a session, too, but in a mind-body session [more…]

How to Find Mind-Body Balance with Yoga's Tree Pose

Many of Yoga’s teachings involve balance in life and energy, work and spirit, earth and sky; why not use them in your mind-body workouts? Balance asanas teach you to stand firmly on the ground while becoming [more…]

How to Find Mind-Body Balance with Seated Yoga Asanas

You can just sit quietly to find mind-body balance, or you can sit while you bend or stretch. These are a few simple and popular yoga postures that involve bending and stretching. [more…]

How to Build Mind-Body Strength and Flexibility with Yoga's Plank Pose

Try Plank during the warm-up or posture-pacing sections of your mind-body workouts. The plank posture looks exactly as it sounds: You’re straight as a board in a push-up position. Sounds easy? Wait ’til [more…]

Mind-Body Workout Modifications for Yoga's Cobra Pose

Try Cobra during the posture-pacing or stretching sections of your mind-body workout. Cobra (Bujangasana) is a beautiful posture that everyone seems to know of or perhaps even do as a part of traditional [more…]

2 Twisting Asanas for Mind-Body Tension Relief

Adding a twist or two into your mind-body sessions will provide tension relief. In Yoga, you can twist and shout all night long, but twists can be difficult for locked-up Western spines. [more…]

Child’s Posture for Mind and Body Rest

You can do rest or compensation postures any time after more difficult ­positions in your mind-body routine to rest your back or your mind. Just listen to your body to know when you should do one. Use [more…]

Debunking Yoga Myths

Many myths and misconceptions surround Yoga and Yoga practice, scaring off many would-be practitioners. The following list debunks some of those myths and gives you the real story so you can confidently [more…]

Finding the Right Yoga Class for You

Starting anything new can feel overwhelming, but choosing the Yoga class that fits you is easy when you take time to evaluate your Yoga needs. So how do you know the right class when you see it? [more…]

Examining Keys to a Successful Yoga Practice

Yoga enthusiasts come to the mat seeking a variety of rewards: to gain strength, increase flexibility, manage stress, or adopt a more peaceful way of life. Whatever your reasons for turning to Yoga, you [more…]

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