Understanding Weight Training

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Weight Training Equipment for Your Fitness Workout

Although you don’t need much equipment to get started in weight training (apart from weights, of course!), getting hold of a few pieces of equipment will hugely benefit your fitness regime. [more…]

How to Be a Good Personal Training Client

When you sign up with a personal trainer, you’re not employing a counsellor or a mind-reader. Here are some simple tips for maintaining a good relationship with your trainer: [more…]

What to Look for in a Fitness Trainer

Any personal trainer can help you get fit, but to get the most value from the fees you pay, you need to find a fitness trainer who motivates you to work hard and achieve results. When interviewing personal [more…]

Dispelling Myths about Weight Training

So many common beliefs about weight training are just simply untrue. Here are a heap of myths about weight training; read on and learn the truth! [more…]

Debunking Weight Training Myths

Don’t let a few things you may have heard about weight training keep you away from the gym. Look at these common weight training myths and the facts that debunk them so you can arm yourself with the knowledge [more…]

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