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How to Buy Exercise Bands and Tubes

Rubber exercise bands and tubes are an extremely versatile way to strengthen your muscles. They are great for traveling and are inexpensive — you can buy three or four bands for [more…]

How to Do External and Internal Rotation Exercises

External and internal rotation exercises focus on your rotator cuff muscles. This workout video shows correct form and technique for strengthening your rotator and shoulder muscles. [more…]

How to Do a Barbell Biceps Curl

Build your bicep muscles by doing curls using barbells, dumbbells, or a cable machine. Bicep curls require attention to proper form to prevent injury or strain. This video shows you how to build biceps [more…]

How to Do a Dumbbell Chest Press

Build up your chest muscles, shoulders, and triceps with a dumbbell chest press. You can vary your exercise routine by doing an incline or decline chest press. This video shows you how to position your [more…]

How to Do a Dumbbell Row

Strengthen your back with the dumbbell row. The row exercises your biceps and shoulders, but focuses primarily on strengthening your upper and lower back muscles. This video also introduces you to the [more…]

How to Do a Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Strengthen your shoulder muscles with the shoulder press. This exercise also works your upper back and triceps. Work out at home with this video for strong, toned shoulders. [more…]

How to Do a Triceps Kickback

You can do a triceps kickback with just one dumbbell, or by using a cable machine. Depending on the weight you use, it tones muscles or builds muscle mass in your arms. Proper technique makes a big difference [more…]

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