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Kettlebells For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using kettlebells has been hailed in recent years as the most efficient and effective way to train your body for burning tons of fat, getting super strong and lean, and obtaining the ultimate physique. [more…]

Weight Training Equipment for Your Fitness Workout

Although you don’t need much equipment to get started in weight training (apart from weights, of course!), getting hold of a few pieces of equipment will hugely benefit your fitness regime. [more…]

How to Be a Good Personal Training Client

When you sign up with a personal trainer, you’re not employing a counsellor or a mind-reader. Here are some simple tips for maintaining a good relationship with your trainer: [more…]

Weight Training Etiquette

Gyms are public places, and everyone wants to have an enjoyable workout. If you want to make friends with your fellow gym-goers, here are some top tips for good gym etiquette: [more…]

What to Look for in a Fitness Trainer

Any personal trainer can help you get fit, but to get the most value from the fees you pay, you need to find a fitness trainer who motivates you to work hard and achieve results. When interviewing personal [more…]

Dispelling Myths about Weight Training

So many common beliefs about weight training are just simply untrue. Here are a heap of myths about weight training; read on and learn the truth! [more…]

Weight Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australia/New Zealand Edition)

Want to try weight training, but not sure where to start? Start by dispelling some myths about weight training. Then check out tips on weight training equipment, picking your trainer and getting the most [more…]

Trainer Talk: Basic Muscle Terms

You don’t need to be fluent in the language of bodybuilding competitions to design an effective workout, but you do need to familiarize yourself with common weight-training lingo. Know the following terms [more…]

Debunking Weight Training Myths

Don’t let a few things you may have heard about weight training keep you away from the gym. Look at these common weight training myths and the facts that debunk them so you can arm yourself with the knowledge [more…]

Bonus Weight Training Equipment

Weight training equipment can be intimidating. Fortunately, you don’t need much or have to spend much money. Be on the lookout for the following basic training equipment to help you in your weight training [more…]

Practicing Good Weight Training Etiquette

At the gym, rules of weight training etiquette should be followed by everyone. After you know what’s expected of you, you’ll feel more comfortable. Adopt these rules to ensure good manners when lifting [more…]

Weight Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to get into weight training, start by sorting fact from fiction. Don’t let stories you’ve heard about weight lifting keep you from the gym. You'll reach your fitness goals sooner by getting [more…]

Tips for Setting Up Your Home Gym

If you think you’ll need at-home workouts from time to time to keep up your conditioning, streamlining your home gym is essential. If you have only ten minutes to exercise, you don’t want to spend six [more…]

Debunking the Myths of Abdominal Workouts

To design an effective abdominal program, you need to separate the hype from the truth. Forget everything you may have found out from TV infomercials. What follows are the remarkably persistent myths about [more…]

Wave Goodbye to Back Pain

You aren’t helpless against back pain. What you do daily makes a powerful difference. Small changes can go a long way toward preventing debilitating pain. Observe the following basic tips for a lifetime [more…]

10 Common Weight-Lifting Mistakes to Avoid

You can really hurt your body while lifting weights if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing. Here are ten common weight-lifting mistakes to avoid: [more…]

A 20-Minute Workout with LaReine Chabut

The Weight Training For Dummies video shows you how to easily incorporate dumbbells into your workout. The exercises are used in a circuit to help you get a total-body workout in just 20 minutes. After [more…]

6 Types of Weight Machines

Countless ways exist to put the various elements of weight machines together. Here’s a look at six different types of weight machines you could come across when weight training. [more…]

10 Ways to Use Exercise Bands to Tone and Tighten

Bands and tubing can’t provide as much resistance as free weights or machines, but you can develop a surprising amount of strength, muscle tone, and flexibility. Here are ten band exercises and offer tips [more…]

Preparation for a Band Workout

Bands are particularly helpful if you want to keep up your strength and work out when you travel. You can’t very well lug around a complete set of dumbbells in your suitcase. [more…]

How to Pick Out the Right Exercise Ball

To get an effective ball workout, you must use a quality ball that is the correct size for your body. When you stand next to an exercise ball, it should be even or slightly above your knee level. [more…]

Using Exercise Balls Safely

Using the exercise ball to work out is one of the most fun ways to tone your body. Because of their shape, balls are unstable and challenge your balance. The exercise ball makes you use your abdominal [more…]

10 Ways to Have a Ball with Exercise Balls

Use your ball exercises as part of your weekly strength-training routine or rotate ball exercises in and out of your regular workouts. The variety challenges your muscles in different ways and also keeps [more…]

Weight Training for All Bodies

Modern living provides every convenience except one: a lot of natural physical activity. Many activities that required people to get up out of the chair and use their muscles no longer exist. The result [more…]

Choosing Your Training Equipment

In fitness magazines, health clubs, and DVDs, you often hear weight equipment referred to as resistance equipment.Resistance is a word you need to know. Resistance is an opposing force, like a weight or [more…]


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