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Fitness Myths Debunked

The exercise community has its share of fitness myths, misconceptions, and half-truths. The following table lists some of these common fitness myths and the reality behind them. [more…]

Judging Fitness Articles and News Reports

News about fitness studies and developments is often contradictory, even misleading. When you’re wading through fitness news, the following tips can help you pick out reliable sources on TV, online, and [more…]

How to Master Proper Pelvic Placement for Mind-Body Wellness

Proper pelvic placement (also known as Pelvic Bowl, Pelvic Rolls, or Clocking) is essential to mind-body wellness. Most people walk around curved in all the wrong places. [more…]

How to Choose the Best Location for Mind-Body Workouts

Health clubs and fitness facilities aren’t the only locations to take classes or get further education on mind-body health. You can find all different ways to broaden your education after you choose your [more…]

How to Strike the Perfect Mind-Body Fitness Posture: Aligned Spine

For many mind-body workouts, how to achieve an aligned spine and tall posture are the first things you find out. Achieving a great, tall, yet relaxed posture can in fact be the foundation of doing many [more…]

3 Vinyasas to Suit Any Mind-Body Wellness Program

Sometimes deciding on a theme of a sequence for your mind-body program — for example, stretching or balance — can help you decide which postures to string together. These vinyasas are either classic, such [more…]

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