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How to Find a Qualified Personal Trainer

Qualified personal trainers are in high demand now, and many consumers choose a one-to-one workout over group fitness classes. Personal trainers can be hired to get you in shape in a gym or in the privacy [more…]

Telephoning Tips for Personal Trainers

Drumming up business as a personal trainer may start from a simple a phone call. Use these tips to reassure a prospective client of your personal training ability, make them feel comfortable, and answer [more…]

How to Be a Successful Personal Trainer

Building up, and keeping clients, is key to the success of your personal training business. These guidelines will help you establish yourself professionally, and build your client relationships as a personal [more…]

How to Ace Your Personal Training Certification Exam

Being hired as a personal trainer requires a certification if you want to be taken seriously by potential employers and clients. These tips will help you hit the books and prepare for your certification [more…]

Becoming a Personal Trainer For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To become a successful personal trainer, you have to master your certification exam, market yourself to potential clients, and know what clients want and need from a personal trainer. [more…]

Finding a Fitness Trainer

Personal training instruction is valuable for anyone who lifts weights; even hiring a trainer for a few beginner sessions is beneficial. This list of qualifications shows what to look for when hiring a [more…]

Being a Good Personal Training Client

When you’re working with a personal trainer, take an active role in your weight-training sessions, aligning your behaviors with a willing participant that trainers can easily work with. Keep these things [more…]

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