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What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing (sometimes called aeroboxing) is a class that takes the moves of a kickboxer’s training and choreographs them to music. You’ll do some or all of the following: jump rope, shadow-box, forward [more…]

Jazz and Other Dance Workouts

Jazz and other dance workouts involve an aerobic routine with choreography borrowed from dance moves. Classes range from simple moves with a little attitude thrown in, to what seems like a tryout for an [more…]

High/Low-Impact Aerobics

High/low-impact aerobics classes consist of a traditional dance-inspired routine. With low-impact aerobics, you always have one foot on the floor — you don’t do any jumping or hopping. High-impact aerobics [more…]

Studio Cycling and Spinning

Studio cycling and Spinning are group classes taught on stationary bicycles. The most popular studio cycling class is called Spinning, a program invented by ultra-distance cyclist Johnny G. and licensed [more…]

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics classes do traditional workouts in waist- to neck-high water in a swimming pool. The resistance of the water makes the workout feel far more intense, while the water cushions you from the [more…]

Which Classes Are Right for You?

Fitness has come a long way, and the emergence of group fitness classes in gyms and health clubs has enabled millions of people to get in shape and enjoy the benefits of having a healthy body. [more…]

What is Step Aerobics?

Step aerobics is a choreographed routine of stepping up and down on a rectangular, square, or circular platform (or, in the case of BOSU, a domed, flexible apparatus). Many classes combine step aerobics [more…]

What Is Body Sculpting and Core Conditioning?

Body sculpting (or core conditioning) is a non-aerobic, muscle-toning class, usually focused on core strength. Most sculpting classes use weight bars, exercise bands, or dumbbells, or a combination of [more…]

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a fast-paced class in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 5 minutes and then move on to another exercise. It’s like a game of musical chairs: Everyone begins at a [more…]

How to Find a Teacher or Class for Mind-Body Workouts

How do you find the right class or teacher for your mind-body workout? Start by gathering from classes, private instruction, books, videos, or web sites. Who knows what treasure you may discover down the [more…]

Should You Insist on a Certified Instructor for Mind-Body Fitness Instruction?

If you have any familiarity with traditional exercise, you may recall seeing claims at clubs, by teachers and trainers, or in advertisements stating the importance of “certified” personal trainers, or [more…]

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