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Paleo Workouts For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Paleo workouts are meant to be short and simple but immensely effective in helping you build strength, quickness, and endurance. Because the movements and routines are simple, proper form is key, and you [more…]

The Ultimate Primal Exercise: The Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a fundamental kettlebell movement. As part of a Paleo workout, this movement shows you how to move with eloquence and grace. It blasts body fat, boosts muscle, strengthens the lower [more…]

The Great Destroyer: An Intense and Effective Paleo Workout

A workout doesn’t need to be long to be effective. Short bouts of intense exercise, like those featured in a Paleo workout, all work to boost natural growth hormone, stimulate the growth of lean muscle [more…]

Paleo Performance Fats

Putting healthy fats on your plate makes just about everything you do better! Fats nourish every structure and function of the body, including your very important brain. Fats also help you absorb nutrients [more…]

10 Primal Workouts under Ten Minutes

A good Paleo workout is like good writing: vigorous and concise. Each of the following ten exercise routines is quick and effective. For tutorials on how to do the following exercises, and for more effective [more…]

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