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Paleo Fitness Squatting Skill Drills

The deep squat, if you don’t already have it, can be a hard movement to regain. But if you practice these skill drills diligently — diligently being the most important word here — you can reclaim this [more…]

Paleo Fitness Pushing Skill Drill: The Perfect Push-Up Drill

This drill helps you to refine your push-up technique and to progress toward the more advanced push-up variations. The perfect push-up drill is a foolproof way to set up for, well, a perfect push-up! Here’s [more…]

Beginner Push for Paleo Fitness: The Military Press

The military press is an old-timey strength builder, one that fell slightly out of fashion with the advent of the bench press but is slowly starting to come back. The military press is one of the most [more…]

Intermediate Carry for Paleo Fitness: The Two-Arm Waiter's Carry

Walking while holding weight overhead, especially two weights — two heavy weights — is an immense challenge. Everything in the body must be working together to make this happen. The core needs to be engaged [more…]

Intermediate Push for Paleo Fitness: The Dip

You can perform the dip on a set of parallel bars, gymnastic rings, or straps. Develop the dip first on the most stable surface: the parallel bars. After that, try gymnastic rings because they make for [more…]

Beginner Pull for Paleo Fitness: The Bodyweight Row

The bodyweight row is a horizontal pulling exercise. You can think of it almost as a reverse push-up. The row strengthens just about all the muscles of the back as well as the shoulders and biceps. [more…]

Beginner Pull for Paleo Fitness: The Chin-Up

The chin-up is a pull-up with your palms facing toward you. Because most people find the chin-up easier than a standard pull-up, it’s a good place to start when working toward your first full pull-up. [more…]

Advanced Pull for Paleo Fitness: The L-Sit Pull-Up/Chin-Up

Spend time practicing the L-sit by itself before working it in with your pull-ups or chin-ups. The L-sit turns a chin-up or a pull-up into a brutalizing core exercise. The entire body must maintain an [more…]

Advanced Pull for Paleo Fitness: The Muscle-Up

The muscle-up is a movement that comes from gymnastics and is best performed on a set of gymnastic rings. However, if you have only a bar to work with, you may use that instead. [more…]

Advanced Pull for Paleo Fitness: The One-Arm Chin-Up

The one-arm chin-up is a feat very few achieve. It’s perhaps the ultimate test of upper body pulling strength. There are no tricks to the one-arm chin-up; it’s a product of hard work and practice. If you [more…]

Paleo Fitness Pulling Skill Drills

The pulling skill drills are geared toward helping you achieve your first pull-up. If you already have your first pull-up down, great; you can use the same ideas to progress toward the more difficult pulling [more…]

Intermediate Carry for Paleo Fitness: The Racked Carry

The racked carry, and even just the rack hold for that matter, is one of the most boring-looking exercises but at the same time one of the most intense. Anyone who’s spent time holding a considerable amount [more…]

Advanced Carry for Paleo Fitness: The Bottoms-Up Carry

This advanced carry isn’t necessarily more difficult than the perspective of loading or mobility. What makes this movement “advanced” is the high degree of concentration and tension that you must maintain [more…]

Beginner Carry for Paleo Fitness: The Farmer's Carry

The farmer's carry is a classic strongman type of exercise. It's evident where the name comes from; what's not evident, however, is just how comprehensive this seemingly modest exercise is. [more…]

Beginner Carry for Paleo Fitness: The Waiter's Carry

The waiter's carry is an overhead carry. This type of carry is slightly more demanding than the farmer's carry because it requires additional shoulder strength and mobility and core stability. Don't expect [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Dead Lift

The dead lift is simply the hinge put to work. To get started practicing the dead lift, you need something to pick up. A kettlebell or a dumbbell works great to start out [more…]

Beginner Ab Exercise for Paleo Fitness: The Four-Point Plank

Most likely, you’re familiar with the plank. If not, think of the plank as the top of the push-up position. The name is symbolic of the looked-for body position, which should be flat; the hips shouldn’t [more…]

Beginner Ab Exercise for Paleo Fitness: The V-Up

The V-up is a wonderful ab exercise to strengthen the abdominal wall, and it’s typically much easier on the back than traditional sit-ups (which often aggravate or initiate back issues). The V-up is a [more…]

Beginner Ab Exercise for Paleo Fitness: The Windmill

Although many mistake the windmill for a side bend, it isn’t. This movement blends hip flexion and thoracic rotation, which means the hips support the load, not the low back. The windmill is a heavy-hitting [more…]

Intermediate Ab Exercise for Paleo Fitness: The Hanging Knee Raise

The hanging knee raise works the entire abdominal wall — the upper, the middle, and the lower. It’s easy on the back and really helps develop the strength needed to complete a full hanging leg raise. [more…]

Intermediate Ab Exercise for Paleo Fitness: The Two-Point Plank

The two-point plank brings in an anti-rotational component as well as a balance challenge. For this movement to happen, you must keep everything tight, so expect a full-body challenge as well as an ample [more…]

Advanced Ab Exercise for Paleo Fitness: The Hanging Leg Raise

Almost nobody’s first hanging leg raise looks even remotely passable, and that’s okay. Over time, as the abdominal wall thickens and strengthens as well as the hip flexors, this movement will start to [more…]

Advanced Ab Exercise for Paleo Fitness: The Windshield Wiper

The windshield wiper is a pseudo hanging leg raise, adding in a fierce rotational component. The benefits of the windshield wiper are vast, especially for those seeking rotation power and a ripped up midsection [more…]

Paleo Fitness Core Skill Drill: The Bird Dog

The bird dog is an easy drill to help prime the core and to wake up any sleepy musculature. In fact, you’d benefit from throwing a few sets of the bird dog into your daily warm-up routine. [more…]

Paleo Fitness Beginner Power Move: The Broad Jump

The broad jump is an outward jump, or a distance jump (think jumping across a stream); it’s not a vertical leap. Jumping is a necessary endeavor in almost all sports and other recreational activities, [more…]


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