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Get Rid of the "Necessities" for Paleo Fitness

For Paleo fitness, if you want to work out and work out well, the truth is that all you need is a pulse. Everything else is either a bonus or a distraction. [more…]

Paleo Fitness Sprinting Skill Drill: Strides

Sprinting, like all other movement, is a skill. But because sprinting is such a high-velocity movement, it merits a little extra consideration than most other movements. Proper sprinting prep and mechanics [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Single-Leg Dead Lift

The single-leg dead lift is pretty much what it sounds like — the dead lift using only one leg — with a few minor tweaks, of course. Most natural and athletic movements happen from a split stance, not [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Swing

The swing shows you how to generate power/explosiveness from your hips and is a marvelous all-around fat-chopping device. It blends strength and cardiovascular efforts, a trait shared by few exercises. [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Clean

The clean, a powerful hip-dominant movement, develops your ability to produce, reduce, and redirect force — a necessary athletic skill, even for non-athletes. The clean can also be a tremendous cardiovascular [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Snatch

To perform the snatch, you swing the weight back between your legs and bring it up over your head in one smooth, uninterrupted motion. This movement brings you to the pinnacle of your primal hinging progressions [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is the speediest way to get someone squatting properly and quickly. Really, it’s nearly impossible to do wrong. The following steps walk you through it: [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Bodyweight Squat

The bodyweight squat is horribly overworked, and people generally lack the authentic mobility and stability to properly do one. So don’t be surprised when you discover that the goblet squat comes easier [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Goblet Lunge

The lunge isn’t a squat per se, but it’s still a knee, or quad, dominant movement, and it’s still an extremely valuable one at that. The lunge is effectively a squat taken from a split stance, or more [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Racked Squat

With a racked squat, you perform a squat with weight held in the rack position (in front of your chest). This squat is best done with two kettlebells, two dumbbells, or a sandbag. Racked squats stress [more…]

Paleo Fitness Walking Skill Drill: Marching

Here is a simple drill to help you improve your walking technique. You can, and should, practice this drill nearly every day. You may be thinking, why do I need to practice walking? [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Front Squat

You want to perform the front squat with a barbell, solely for the reason that you can load more weight onto a barbell than you can handle with a set of kettlebells or dumbbells. [more…]

Paleo Fitness: Run for Your Life

You should approach sprinting as an art to be practiced and nothing else. It’s not something to be thrown around loosely. Sprinting, when done right (and when done at the right times), ignites the metabolic [more…]

Paleo Fitness Hinging Skill Drill: The Broomstick Drill

The broomstick drill shows you what a neutral spine should feel like. From the outside, a neutral spine should look like a relatively flat back — no excessive arching or rounding. The spine itself is still [more…]

Paleo Fitness Hinging Skill Drill: The Butt-to-Wall Drill

The butt-to-wall drill helps you find your optimal hinge position. In short, it shows you where exactly you should be sticking your butt. And all you need to do this drill is a chunk of wall. [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The One-Arm Swing

The closest relative to the (two-arm/kettlebell) swing, the one-arm swing adds an additional grip challenge and rotary stability component (the ability to prevent rotation). Just like the two-arm swing [more…]

Beginner Push for Paleo Fitness: The Push-Up

Is the push-up the perfect primal exercise? In many ways, yes, it is. It hits hard not only the primary pushing muscle group — chest, triceps, and shoulders — but also many unsuspecting parts of the body [more…]

Intermediate Push for Paleo Fitness: The One-Arm Push-Up

The one-arm push-up develops strength in ways few exercises can. This movement requires total body control, intense focus, and raw strength. The one-arm push-up is much more than a party trick. This exercise [more…]

Intermediate Push for Paleo Fitness: The Bench Press

No one can ignore the bench press or deny its effectiveness. Admittedly, this exercise isn’t for everyone, but for those who have the shoulders for it, the bench press offers huge strength returns. You [more…]

Advanced Push for Paleo Fitness: The One-Arm One-Leg Push-Up

The one-arm one-leg push-up calls for more core control and grinding strength than the standard one-arm push-up. Not surprisingly, it develops more, too. Here’s how to do it: [more…]

Advanced Push for Paleo Fitness: The Handstand Push-Up

You can perform a handstand push-up against a wall. But eventually, you should work up to performing the push-up from a free balancing handstand, which is by no accounts an easy feat! [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Racked Lunge

The racked lunge not only lets you load more weight onto the movement, but it may also provide an additional challenge for your core — especially if you’re using two different size weights. You’ll know [more…]

Intermediate Pull for Paleo Fitness: The One-Arm Row

The one-arm row, quite simply, is the bodyweight row performed with one arm. Expect many of the same challenges with the one-arm row that you would with the one-arm push-up. [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is a full squat on one leg. It sounds simple, but, as you probably know, simple isn’t always easy — and the pistol squat is an undeniable testament to that fact. [more…]

Intermediate Pull for Paleo Fitness: The Pull-Up

Everyone should be able to do pull-ups, with very few exceptions. The pull-up is by all accounts one of the best back and upper body strengthening exercises. It is an exercise of the ages, if there ever [more…]


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