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Avoid Overtraining When Performing Paleo Workouts

Paleo workouts are simple and effective, so it makes sense that you may be tempted to do too much. But overtraining is a serious matter. It's a prolonged condition brought about when the body is unable [more…]

Fuel Up Before a Paleo Workout

Your body needs fuel to perform, and Paleo workouts are intense, so a strong showing requires a meal before working out. You want to eat anywhere from one to three hours before you work out if possible [more…]

Recover from a Paleo Workout with a Healthy Meal

When refueling after a Paleo workout, the key is to eat within 30 minutes after you’re done to optimize recovery. When choosing what to eat post-workout, you want to focus on that fuel called glycogen. [more…]

Paleo Workouts For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Paleo workouts are meant to be short and simple but immensely effective in helping you build strength, quickness, and endurance. Because the movements and routines are simple, proper form is key, and you [more…]

The Ultimate Primal Exercise: The Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a fundamental kettlebell movement. As part of a Paleo workout, this movement shows you how to move with eloquence and grace. It blasts body fat, boosts muscle, strengthens the lower [more…]

The Great Destroyer: An Intense and Effective Paleo Workout

A workout doesn’t need to be long to be effective. Short bouts of intense exercise, like those featured in a Paleo workout, all work to boost natural growth hormone, stimulate the growth of lean muscle [more…]

Paleo Performance Fats

Putting healthy fats on your plate makes just about everything you do better! Fats nourish every structure and function of the body, including your very important brain. Fats also help you absorb nutrients [more…]

10 Primal Workouts under Ten Minutes

A good Paleo workout is like good writing: vigorous and concise. Each of the following ten exercise routines is quick and effective. For tutorials on how to do the following exercises, and for more effective [more…]

10 Primal Superfoods to Help You Perform 10 Times Better

Primal superfoods will help get you from where you are now to where you want to be. They have deep nutrition that stand out from the pack of Paleo foods. [more…]

Patterning Life (and Fitness) After the Cave Man

The cave man was perhaps a perfect role model for health and exercise because he didn’t try to improve something that was virtually faultless. He followed his genetic programming: He moved how he was meant [more…]

Getting Results: The Paleo Payoff

Following the Paleo fitness program is not easy; successful lifestyle changes seldom come without their trials and tribulations. However, Paleo fitness is grounded in good science, and good science produces [more…]

Cultivate Strength as Part of Paleo Fitness

Many valuable attributes of Paleo fitness exist, from agility and balance to anaerobic/aerobic capacity, flexibility, and mobility, but before anything else, you ought to cultivate strength. [more…]

Move Every Day When Practicing Paleo Fitness

Life is movement. And the opposite of movement is motionlessness, which you could say is an apt definition of death. The cave man was constantly on the move in one way or another so he suffered few of [more…]

Breathe Every Day to Achieve Paleo Fitness

Through simple deductive reasoning — that is, you’re alive, therefore, you’re breathing — you can deduce that you’ve met the simple act of breathing with a considerable amount of success. However, breathing [more…]

6 Fundamental Primal Human Movements

You can get 95 percent of all the strength and fitness you’ll ever need from 5 percent of all the exercises you’ve ever heard of and subtle variations therein. And this 5 percent consists of the fundamental [more…]

Keep Your Conditioning Inefficient for Paleo Fitness

For Paleo fitness, you can link conditioning to anything related to the strengthening of the heart muscle, and more thrillingly, fat loss. As with anything else, a heap of semantics surrounds the word [more…]

Do the Least You Have to Do for Paleo Fitness

The idea that a perpetually enlarging dose of exercise — that is, spending a lot of time in the gym — will continue to improve the body’s function and appearance indefinitely is as unsound and nearly as [more…]

For Paleo Fitness, Fast . . . Sometimes

The notion that you need to eat every couple of hours or so is one of the more fatuous delusions of conventional wisdom. No sound scientific evidence supports this idea. [more…]

Eat Like a Cave Man

The Paleo diet has caused quite a ruckus lately. But the benefits are now common knowledge — even the most obstinate of physicians and college professors can’t help but acknowledge them. [more…]

Move with Your Brain for Paleo Fitness

The brain controls all movement (in fact, the original need for a human nervous system, from an evolutionary standpoint, was to coordinate movement). The brain contains hundreds of billions of neurons [more…]

4 Types of Simple Rolling Movements for Paleo Fitness

Proprioception, or the awareness of your body position, ties all the senses together. High proprioception allows you to move skillfully without thinking about it. Low proprioception, however, results in [more…]

What To Do Before and After Paleo Fitness Exercises

Ever wonder what you should do immediately before and after exercise? The answer is to move. Injury is largely the result of movement dysfunction, asymmetries, restrictions, and, well, general stupidity [more…]

Paleo Fitness Exercise: The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish get-up is a primitive exercise that has you moving from just about every joint in your body, forcing you to stabilize where you need to stabilize and mobilize where you need to mobilize. Its [more…]

Paleo Fitness Movements: Crawling

Simple crawling movements loosen the hips, prime the core, and warm up the shoulders. Crawling also ties your movement together; it syncs the right and left hemispheres of your brain through [more…]

10 Primal-Approved Supplements for the Modern Man and Woman

The cave man didn't have the luxury of supplementation. But it would be downright silly to renounce any and all advancements that have happened over the last million years or so. Most supplements out there [more…]

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