Losing Belly Fat

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Tips for Sticking to Your Diet at Parties

When you are on a diet to lose belly fat, you may be making a few common mistakes when you attend social events. And making these mistakes means you’ll be facing even greater challenges. So avoid doing [more…]

Tips for Sticking to Your Diet When Traveling

Traveling can make it pose special challenges to dieters. Eating at restaurants can make it hard stick with your belly fat diet plan. Depending on when and where you’re traveling, you may face challenges [more…]

How to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes Stick

The belly fat diet plan is all about making lifestyle changes you can stick with. Making lifestyle changes you can stick with is really vital to your weight loss success. In fact, it’s really the only [more…]

The Basics of the Belly Fat Diet Plan

If you are ready to burn off belly fat and make lifestyle changes that will help you maintain a healthy weight, the belly fat diet plan can help. The belly fat diet plan isn’t some crazy fad, it’s a comprehensive [more…]

Ten Behaviors for a Flat Belly

Some behaviors can actually help to shrink your waistline and help you keep weight off for good. Here are ten of the best behaviors to start incorporating today to lose weight and banish belly fat for [more…]

How to Find Support for Healthy Lifestyle Changes

If you’re trying to lose weight and reduce your belly fat, but your husband keeps bringing home pizza every night and your kids are always eating ice cream while you’re in the room, you may find staying [more…]

Stick to Your Belly Fat Diet Plan with a Well-Stocked Pantry

Your success in loosing belly fat hinges on stocking up on belly fat busting foods and having them on hand at all times. Not only does this help save you time, but it’s much easier to stay on track when [more…]

Stock Your Refrigerator to Support Your Belly Fat Diet Plan

To stick with your belly fat diet plan and achieve your goal of losing weight, you can stock up on perishable food items so you can always pull together a quick meal when the need strikes. Here are some [more…]

Cooking Foods That Reduce Belly Fat

When you have a kitchen stocked with belly-flattening food choices, you can easily whip up healthy meals that will help you lose weight. Cooking at home, instead of eating in a restaurant or ordering take-out [more…]

Ten Foods That Bloat Your Belly

Belly-bloating foods work in different ways. Some things you eat can increase gas in your stomach, making your abdomen look and feel distended. Even though this bloating is only temporary, it can still [more…]

Lifestyle Factors of Belly Fat Accumulation

Several lifestyle factors are contributing to this country’s ever-growing weights and waistlines. Schedules are getting busier, stress levels are getting higher, and folks aren’t taking the time to properly [more…]

The Dangers of Belly Fat

Looking down and seeing your belly fat is obviously less than desirable in the looks category. But, increased visceral fat around your abdomen can also be dangerous to your health. It can increase your [more…]

How to Assess Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your body mass index (BMI) is a formula that takes into account your height versus your weight to determine whether you’re at a healthy weight.

Although BMI can be a fairly reliable indicator of body fat [more…]

How to Measure Your Waist Circumference and Waist-to-Hip Ratio

Your waist circumference is one way to determine whether you have an increased amount of fat around your belly and whether you’re at an increased health risk. The National Institutes of Health says that [more…]

Evaluate Your Health — Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Blood Glucose

You need to know your internal numbers when evaluating your health risk. These numbers include your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. If you have an increased amount of belly fat, [more…]

An Overview of the Belly Fat Diet

Visceral fat is true fat in the abdomen. It causes your waistline to expand over time, and it can have dangerous health implications. This type of fat isn’t gained or lost overnight. You must transition [more…]

Why the Belly Fat Diet Works

Before you embark on the Belly Fat Diet or on any plan to reduce weight or improve your health, you probably want to know why you're doing something and how it works. [more…]

The Health Benefits of a Flatter Belly

The results you get from transitioning to a belly-fat-fighting lifestyle won’t just be on the scale and in the mirror. Your insides will thank you as well. A belly-fat-fighting lifestyle helps improve [more…]

Inflammation and Belly Fat

Chronic inflammation is a condition that causes your body to become inflamed internally due to stresses from internal or external factors. Poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices, such as cigarette smoking [more…]

Reduce Stress and Belly Fat with Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Exercise

Progressive muscle relaxation, a stress-relieving technique, sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple. It involves focusing on each muscle group and slowly tensing and relaxing each muscle to [more…]

Eat Low Glycemic Index Foods to Reduce Belly Fat

You need to consume more whole grains and fewer refined carbohydrates to reduce belly fat. Refined carbohydrates have a high glycemic index (GI). The glycemic index [more…]

What Is Belly Fat?

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is considered the most harmful form of fat in your body. This type of fat has been linked with everything from insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, heart disease [more…]

Physiological Causes of Belly Fat Accumulation

Numerous hormones cycle through your body every day. Some of these hormones, when out of balance, trigger your body to begin storing belly fat, leading to an increase in both subcutaneous fat and visceral [more…]

10 Nutrients That Shrink Your Belly

Healthy eating and exercise can shrink your waistline and blast away belly fat. But certain nutrients also have the ability to help you burn belly fat faster and more effectively. Incorporating the ten [more…]

Ten Belly-Bloating Foods

Just as many foods have the potential to shrink belly fat, quite a few others can bloat your belly. These belly bloaters work in different ways. Some can increase gas in your stomach, making your abdomen [more…]


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