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Kinesiology For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Being physically active and training for fitness and performance can seem pretty complex when you consider all the factors involved: mechanical loads and forces applied, energy metabolism, musculature [more…]

4 Ways to Avoid Neck and Back Discomfort

Everyone likes to be in a comfortable position that makes work or activity efficient and comfortable. But sometimes the positions we put our bodies in can cause discomfort and even pain. [more…]

10 Nutritional and Mechanical Ergogenic Aids

Ergogenic refers to something that helps you generate more work. An ergogenic aid may be something that helps make the work easier to perform (like a shoehorn helps you put on your dress shoes) or provides [more…]

Improving Performance through Relaxation and Mental Rehearsal

You may think that the more motivated or “edgy” you feel before a performance, the better. Although that may be true to a point, you may find yourself getting so excited or anxious that it actually interferes [more…]

10 Key Kinesiology Resources

Kinesiology covers a wide range of subdisciplines, with many organizations that provide excellent resources for the practitioner. The following resources provide a good starting place for those wanting [more…]

4 Ways to Enhance Athletic Performance

If you’re active in some form of recreational or athletic event, you know that it’s important to you to perform successfully. Performance enhancement commonly involves the assessment of your [more…]

How Blocked Coronary Arteries Suffocate the Heart

Because all blood to the heart comes by way of the coronary arteries, any problem with the arteries can greatly affect the heart. Artery walls can be damaged. Just as a cut or scrape on your finger can [more…]

2 Ways Bone Modeling Occurs throughout Life: Hypertrophy and Atrophy

Bone modeling occurs throughout life in two ways: hypertrophy (growth) or atrophy (shrinking). Understanding the difference between the two enables you to acknowledge the effects that being physically [more…]

Overcoming 2 Common Muscle Injuries: Strains and Cramps

As participation in recreational and sporting activities has grown over the past several years, so has the number of injuries. Muscle injuries are a very common occurrence for people who are physically [more…]

Open and Closed Feedback Mechanisms in Physical Activity

Some tasks are difficult to alter while they are being performed; others are easily changed. Whether a movement can be changed during the actual task depends on the complexity and timing of the movements [more…]

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