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Choosing Unsaturated Fats over Saturated Fats in Your Diet

All fat has the same number of calories, but a diet that contains unsaturated fat instead of foods that contain saturated fats can help reduce your blood cholesterol level. [more…]

How Your Body Uses Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin essential to a healthy diet. This important antioxidant nutrient protects cells and tissues from damage by free radicals generated by chemicals and oxidized fats. [more…]

Processing Carbohydrates Properly with Chromium

Chromium is a trace mineral essential to sugar and cholesterol metabolism. The average American diet is deficient in this mineral nutrient due to its scarcity in the food and water supply. Chromium is [more…]

Silica: Mineral Nutrition for Healing Fractures

According to some sources, silicon (commonly referred to as silica) is an essential macromineral nutrient — meaning you need to include sources in your diet. Others claim that although it is important [more…]

Research Suggests Benefits and Risks of Drinking Alcohol

Are there nutrients in alcohol? No, but including alcoholic beverages in your diet has benefits as well as risks. The benefits of alcohol on your health seem to be linked to moderate drinking [more…]

Nutritive and Nonnutritive Artificial Sweeteners in Your Diet

Two kinds of sweeteners are widely used to replace sugar in your diet. Some are classified as nutritive, because they provide calories and nutrients; others are nonnutritive [more…]

Fluoride: Nutrition for Strong Teeth

Some consider the trace mineral fluoride (a form of florine) an essential nutrient. Others don’t. Either way, most people get enough in their diets to stay healthy. [more…]

What Are Phytochemicals and How Do They Affect Your Health?

The newest thing in nutrition is phytochemicals — substances that produce many of the beneficial effects associated with a diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains. If you’ve been [more…]

Nutrition for Protecting Your Bones

To get the nutrients it needs to protect bones, your diet needs to include calcium, zinc, iron, and vitamins D, and B12. These nutrients occur most in milk, cheese, eggs, and red meat — a nutritional high-fat [more…]

Copper: An Antioxidant Essential to a Healthy Body

Copper is a trace mineral—an essential nutrient to humans. It must be obtained through diet or supplements. This antioxidant nutrient helps your body use iron. [more…]

Eat Fewer Saturated and Trans Fats in Your Diet

Research shows that a diet high in saturated fatty acids causes blood cholesterol levels to rise even more than eating large amounts of dietary cholesterol does. Fats are made up of both saturated and [more…]

How Your Nutritional Status Affects Your Health

Your diet determines your nutritional status, which is a measure of the state of your health. For example, people who are starving do not get the dietary nutrients or calories they need to maintain their [more…]

Sulfur: A Nutrient for Supporting Cartilage

There is no official minimum sulfur requirement, but some consider it an essential nutrient for humans. This nutrient is widely available in foods and you can easily get adequate amounts from your diet [more…]

How to Determine Reliability of Nutritional Studies

Getting reliable information about diet and nutrition can be a challenge. Most of your diet and nutrition information is likely to come from nutritional studies discussed on TV and radio talk shows or [more…]

Universal Macrobiotic Life Principles

A macrobiotic lifestyle reaches beyond nourishing the body through healthy food choices. Macrobiotics is a comprehensive way of life. These macrobiotic life principles are the road by which we discover [more…]

The Standard Macrobiotic Dietary Model

Here are some basic guidelines for choosing foods that fit within your macrobiotic diet plan. This dietary model outlines principle foods, secondary foods, and pleasure foods. [more…]

Stuff to Avoid in Your Macrobiotic Diet

You'll need to make changes in the way you eat to achieve the best results in a food plan based on macrobiotics. By avoiding the following foods, you may increase energy, sleep better, stabilize blood [more…]

Food Principles of Macrobiotics

Applying macrobiotics food principles can help you build a healthy foundation for renewed well being. These principles, if you use them daily, are effective ways to control and sustain your health, balance [more…]

Macrobiotic Principles of Awareness

By becoming more aware and developing a better understanding of your feelings, you have the chance to change your life into something more meaningful. To develop a personal philosophy that leads to a more [more…]

Macrobiotics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Adopting the basic macrobiotic life and awareness principles will help you get in touch with a more intellectual and spiritual way of living, boosting health and happiness. By using the macrobiotic food [more…]

Ten Dieting Myths Debunked

If you have resolved to lose weight this year, you need to know what dieting strategies work. Many people will tell you not to eat late at night, or never eat between meals. This advice, is just plain [more…]

Is Green Tea Healthy?

Green tea has been a beverage of choice for centuries. The faithful tout it as a wonder brew, claiming its healthful properties aid our bodies in accomplishing everything from burning excess fat to destroying [more…]

Nutrition-Related Measurements

Struggling to make sense of your pounds and ounces? Use this handy table when working with measurements to make sure you understand their quantities and abbreviations. [more…]

Key Elements Used in Nutrition-Specific Words

Use this table to help familiarise yourself with some of the language used within the subject of nutrition. Print it out and pin it up so you can refer back to it should you come across a word that needs [more…]

Energy Content of Macronutrients

Need to find out about Macronutrients? Use this table as a very quick reference point when looking at the energy content of different food types. [more…]


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