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Leaner Body Fat Percentages in Male and Female Athletes

Women have higher percentages of body fat than men, because female reproductive hormones require more fat. Women with healthy weights are generally between 15 and 25 percent body fat and men fall into [more…]

How to Figure Athletes' Weight Goals Considering Body Fat

For athletes, reducing percent body fat should be the focus of weight-loss efforts rather than reducing total body weight, otherwise optimum performance will be compromised. In some cases, total weight [more…]

How to Estimate Carbohydrate Needs for Athletes

Calculating dietary carbohydrate requirements (and protein and fat for that matter) is based on a percentage of your total calories. Most athletes should get at least 60 percent of their calories in their [more…]

Assessing Body Weight for Healthy Athletic Activity

Athletes come in many shapes, which impacts their dietary needs. If you lined up a marathon runner, a jockey, a speed skater, a weightlifter, a pole-vaulter, a linebacker, a gymnast, and a sumo wrestler [more…]

How to Figure Protein Needs for Dieting Athletes

Athletes have special dietary needs, particularly when they want to lose weight. To maintain performance, athletes in training need extra calories in their diets — especially carbohydrates and protein. [more…]

Carbohydrate Loading for Sustained Physical Exertion

Some athletes add extra carbohydrates to their diets. This practice, called carbohydrate loading, increases the amount of glycogen stored in muscles. This carb-loading diet is not for everyday use, nor [more…]

How to Estimate Calorie Needs for Dieting Athletes

If you are a dieting athlete, simply cutting your calories will impact your performance. Your focus should be lowering the percentage of body fat you carry. If you know what your weight-loss goal is, you [more…]

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