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Choosing Good Fats for an Anti-Inflammation Diet

Consuming fat in an anti-inflammatory diet isn't forbidden — but the key is knowing which fats are good, which are bad, and which aren't too awful in moderation. [more…]

Making Anti-Inflammatory Food Choices

After you discover the link between inflammation and chronic illness — and the important role food has in fighting them both — you need an idea of what foods will help you treat and even prevent inflammation [more…]

Watching Out for Food that Contains Common Allergens

When your child is diagnosed with a food allergy, you may start to wonder what your son or daughter will and won’t be able to eat. The diagnosis of a food allergy can put strain on your recipe repertoire [more…]

Planning for School Camp When Your Child Has Food Allergies

If you’re a parent about to send your child with food allergies off on school camp, you may feel a bit concerned about what could happen while your son or daughter is at camp. Here are some tips for what [more…]

How to Tell Severity of Kids' Food Allergy Reactions

Carers of children with food allergies must be able to tell the difference between a mild or moderate allergic reaction, and a severe reaction anaphylaxis [more…]

Understanding Common Delayed Food Allergy Terms

If your child is diagnosed with a delayed food allergy, you may find yourself confronted with a whole list of medical terms, some of which you may not have encountered previously. The following list gives [more…]

Kids’ Food Allergies For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australia/New Zealand Edition)

Receiving a diagnosis of food allergy for your child may be confusing if you don’t have any sort of medical background. There are allergic reactions to monitor [more…]

10 Eating-Healthy Tips for Binge Eaters

Healthy eating is a key step toward overcoming binge eating disorder, or BED. Following healthy eating tips can help you look at food and eating as healthy and pleasurable without the negative feelings [more…]

Facing the Health Risks of Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

If you suffer from binge eating disorder, if you compulsively overeat, or if you eat as a reaction to emotional turmoil, your eating habits can lead to short- and long-term health risks. [more…]

How to Help Someone with Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

Loving someone who has binge eating disorder, or BED, can be challenging. You want to be supportive, but being overly involved is counterproductive. These tips can help you find ways to be engaged without [more…]

10 Things to Do Instead of Bingeing

In order to interrupt any addiction, and to overcome binge eating disorder (BED) in particular, you have to find ways to get through periods of temptation and find alternatives to the unhealthy behavior [more…]

Overcoming Binge Eating For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re facing up to binge eating disorder (BED) or any disordered eating, adopting healthy eating habits and finding ways to outlast those urges to binge. Knowing the health risks you face may help [more…]

8 Helpful Websites for Recovering Binge Eaters

Finding information about and support for overcoming binge eating disorder (BED) is as close as the Internet. Many helpful and worthy websites offer resources for those dealing with disordered eating. [more…]

13 Ways You Can Help a Binge Eater

If you're the friend or loved one of a binge eater, you may be wondering what you can do to help. Like any eating disorder, the right kind of support can be critical as someone begins the journey to overcome [more…]

10 Myths about Binge Eating Disorder

Many myths persist about the circumstances and factors that contribute to binge eating and what it means to be a binge eater (or an emotional eater). Only time, continued research, and greater acceptance [more…]

Classifying the Major Eating Disorders

There are many ways an eating disorder can take shape in the lives of different people, however, three major eating disorders affect the most people, so they get the lion's share of attention. They are [more…]

Disordered Eating or Eating Disorder?

If you lined up all the people in the United States who eat, you'd have a spectrum ranging from Normal Eaters on one end to People with Eating Disorders on the other. Who's in the middle? Most of the eating [more…]

Online Resources and Support for Eating Disorders

A number of online resources exist where you can find local eating disorder professionals, support groups, and residential treatment facilities. You can also call a local hospital or university and ask [more…]

Eating Disorders For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Do you think that you or someone you know suffers from an eating disorder? Learn what the three major eating disorders are and how they differ from less worrisome, yet still risky, eating problems. You [more…]


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