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How Much Exercise Is Enough for Weight Loss?

Combining exercise with a diet is the best way to lose weight. But how do you know if you are exercising enough to reach your dieting goals?

The current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and [more…]

Build Muscle by Working Out with Strength Training

When you lose weight, you lose more muscle than fat. So, you need to engage in activities that help build muscle. Strength or resistance training, such as lifting weights or working out on exercise equipment [more…]

Keep an Exercise Log to Record Your Daily Activity

If you have decided to use diet and exercise to shed weight, try creating an exercise chart to put up on your fridge or tape to the bathroom mirror. An exercise log can help you see results and keep you [more…]

Why Exercise Is Key to Weight Loss

Consuming fewer calories and including less fat in your diet is necessary to shed pounds. Adding exercise increases the number of calories you burn so that you speed up your weight loss. Plus, you build [more…]

Starting — and Sticking with — an Exercise Program

If you are overweight and on a diet, expending 2,800 calories a week in exercise or committing to a chunk of time every day may sound like more than you can manage. The easiest way to make a workout part [more…]

Timing Meals to Go Along with Your Workout

Eating a small meal two to three hours before a workout is ideal. Two to three hours is how long it takes for a meal to reach your muscles, but it’s not always practical. Not substituting exercise for [more…]

Building Muscle with Isoleucine, Luecine, and Valine

Isoleucine, Valine, and Luecine are essential amino acids, which means that you must get them from your diet. To include these nutrients in your diet, you can eat nuts, seeds, cheese, fish, poultry, and [more…]

Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Suggestions for Good Health

Published in 2000 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the following list contains the ten Dietary Guidelines for Americans. [more…]

How to Get Your Kids Out and Exercising

Sure, getting your child physical helps balance calories. But it also helps develop coordination and self-confidence. Diet and exercise habits that start now are more likely to follow your child into adulthood [more…]

Get Healthier by Putting Aside Excuses for Not Exercising

For every excuse not to exercise, a better reason exists to make the effort to get in shape and grow stronger, healthier, and happier with your body. Here are some common excuses to avoid exercise — and [more…]

Getting Your Body Fit for Wrestling

Getting and keeping your body in the best condition possible can help you reach your full potential as a wrestler. If you’re in shape and physically fit, you can better handle moves your opponent may try [more…]

Exercise at Work

The human anatomy is designed to be active. Early man did things like hunting and gathering, finding or creating shelter, and reproduction or procreation for survival. As humans have advanced and as food [more…]

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