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Fast Diets For Dummies Cheat Sheet

People have been fasting (in other words, not eating for a while) for as long as recorded history looks back to prevent disease and strengthen the body. Fasting is also a safe way to lose weight. Get a [more…]

Tips and Tricks to Boost Energy While Fasting

You may feel like eating food is the best way to give yourself a shot of energy during the middle of the day. However, when you’re fasting, food isn’t an option. If you trouble keeping energy level high [more…]

Cooking Some Bonus Fasting Calorie-Restricted Recipes

The following include some calorie-controlled recipes if you’re following the 5:2 Diet, which limits the amount of calories you can consume in one day, or the Warrior Diet, which allows you to overeat [more…]

Using Medium-Chain Triglycerides during Your Fast

Medium-chain triglycerides, unlike most other forms of fat, are quickly digested and utilized. Nutritionists often tout them as “the fat that helps you burn fat.” Medium-chain triglycerides provide numerous [more…]

10 Sneaky Ways to Enhance Your Fast

You can take your fasting to the next level by following these ten sneaky, little tricks to boost the effects of fasting so that you burn more fat, increase productivity, and stave off hunger. They don’t [more…]

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