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Keep the Water You Drink Clean When Fasting

Because you're focusing on fasting, which removes toxins from your body, the last thing you want to do is add more toxins with the water you drink. Tap water is easy to get and low in cost. But is it healthy [more…]

Choose to Drink Clean, Pure Water While Fasting

One of the simplest ways you can make a difference in your fasting outcome to lose weight and get healthier is to listen to your body — and choose to drink clean, pure water. You may not have access to [more…]

Your Body's Response to Stress

Your body isn't designed to be under chronic stress. In fact, your body has a built-in system called the sympathetic nervous system, also referred to as the [more…]

The Link Between Stress and Belly Fat

One of the amazing things about fasting is its ability to burn fat. For people who have had terrible weight-loss resistance, finally seeing the needle move on the scale is really liberating. Stress, however [more…]

Get Enough Sleep: Your Body's Weapon

Sleep is always critically important — whether fasting or not, but even more so when you're fasting because your body needs to regenerate more than ever, and this regeneration happens while you sleep. [more…]

Create a Natural Sleep Rhythm When Fasting

Getting in the habit of training your body to sleep during its natural rhythm is key. You want to sleep during the darkness and awake when it's light. Staying up all night in artificial light confuses [more…]

Identify and Eliminate Toxins in Your Home When Fasting

Enhance your fast by removing as many toxins from the home as you can. Toxins in your home include any pollutants that are in your daily surroundings.

Here are some common toxins and what to do about them [more…]

Eliminate Toxins from Your Body When Fasting

Your skin is your largest organ. Yes, your skin is actually an organ, and anything you put on the skin has a direct route into your bloodstream. When you put something on your skin, ask yourself, “Is this [more…]

Salt and a Fasting Regime

Your body needs salt. However, you want to make sure you're consuming the right type of salt. You want to do without processed salt — the run-of-the-mill table salt — that is a heavily refined food. Table [more…]

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