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600-Calorie Meal Recipes Featuring Beef

Men can eat 600 calories when fasting on the 5:2 Diet, which can be quite a lot of food, if you're only eating vegetables. But by adding protein-rich foods, such as lean beef, trimmed of as much fat as [more…]

600-Calorie Meal Recipes Featuring Poultry

The protein from skinless and boneless chicken breast meat and turkey breast meat is extremely lean. This lean protein digests slowly in the body, leading to feelings of fullness for longer. White meat [more…]

600-Calorie Meal Recipes Featuring Seafood

Seafood and fish are increasingly popular, low-calorie food when you compare them to other protein-rich foods like meat and poultry. Many lean fish varieties contain similar calories per ounce as lean [more…]

600-Calorie Meal Recipes for Meatless Dishes

You may want a lighter-feeling meal without meat. You can go meatless while on a fasting regimen. In fact, not every meal that you eat must contain animal products. [more…]

600-Calorie Meal Recipes for Pork or Lamb Dishes

Pork and lamb often get a bad rap for being fatty and caloric, when in fact, some cuts, such as lean (trimmed of visible fat) pork loin, has nearly the same calories as lean poultry or fish. With less [more…]

The Link Between Fasting and Exercise

Fasting and exercise are forms of hardship, and the principle in physiology states that the body will adapt to certain hardships to maintain a state of equilibrium. The hardships of fasting and exercise [more…]

Avoid Food before a Workout

To maximize the benefits of fasting and exercise together, you should eat nothing before a workout. The best way to make this work, of course, is to exercise in the morning hours before your first meal [more…]

What to Eat (and Whether You Should) after Exercise

Post-workout nutrition is essential. Your muscles are desperately hungry for nutrients in a specific time-frame after your exercise. As a general rule, you should wait 30 minutes after your intense workout [more…]

Fasting and Exercise Equal More Fat Burning

Fasted exercise is the most potent fat burner on the planet. More potent than any diet pill, safer too, and much more economical. If you want to lose weight more effectively, then combining fasting with [more…]

Build More Lean Muscle with Fasted Exercise

Fasted exercise won't build you more muscle, but it will make it possible to add lean muscle mass more efficiently. In other words, through fasting (which improves insulin sensitivity), and by being leaner [more…]

Clean Out Your Body with Fasting

Fasting triggers a nearly miraculous cleansing process throughout the entire body. It not only permits organs and glands a much-needed rest, particularly the digestive system, but it also allows for the [more…]

Fasting Impacts the Brain Positively

Fasting specifically acts to stimulate autophagy, which is the process through which the brain cleans itself. Your brain also needs cleansing because it hoards trash just like any other organ. In the brain [more…]

Debunking the Conventional Wisdom about Strength

Some people have misconceptions about what it really means to be strong. You don't need big muscles to be strong. That is, and always will be, a false claim. The ability to generate tension in your muscles [more…]

Strength Training — When and How Much

Strength training takes a heavy toll on the body, and your body needs time to recover because through the processes of recovery your body adapts and gets stronger. Although there are ways to practice strength [more…]

Strength-Training Exercise: The Dead Lift

The dead lift is how you pick things up off the ground, or how you should pick things up off the ground. The dead lift is basically a hip hinge, meaning you initiate the movement by pushing back your butt [more…]

Strength-Training Exercise: The Goblet Squat

The goblet squat, a movement invented by renowned strength coach Dan John, is perhaps the most simplistic, but effective squat variation in existence. What's great about the goblet squat is that it's almost [more…]

Strength-Training Exercise: The Push-Up

The push-up is the classic gym class exercise that most people do incorrectly. The push-up is still really one of the best, if not the best, upper-body strength-building exercises you can do. It hits the [more…]

Strength-Training Exercise: The Pull-Up

The pull-up is also a classic upper-body strength builder and the perfect complement to the push-up, because when you push, you must also pull. Although a pull-up is more difficult, you can do one. Even [more…]

Strength-Training Exercise: The Turkish Get-Up

The Turkish get-up is one of the most comprehensive, compound movements in existence today, because it has you moving just about every joint in your body. The purpose of this exercise is to get up off [more…]

Strength-Training Exercise: The Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is simply the dead lift performed quickly and consecutively. It's an explosive hinging movement, where you swing a weight — in this case a kettlebell — between your legs, and then [more…]

What Is Metabolic Conditioning?

Metabolic conditioning is simply an elevated cardiovascular stress plus moderate to heavy strength efforts. That is, metabolic conditioning, or metcon, [more…]

How to Do Metabolic Conditioning Training

The good news: You can do metabolic conditioning training in many ways. Here are some of the most popular ways you can incorporate metabolic conditioning into your training plan: [more…]

Killing Body Fat with Fasted Cardio

One of the sneakiest ways to kill body fat dead is through fasted cardio, which means low-intensity aerobic activity, such as walking and hiking. While fasting, your body increases [more…]

Why Water Is So Important When Fasting

Fasting is a critical time to get water in your body, but even when you're not fasting, water is essential. In fact, your body consists of about 60 percent water. Just as your body needs [more…]

How to Recognize When You're Thirsty

Listening to your body when it comes to thirst is really important, especially when you're fasting. Getting enough water helps minimize the sensation of hunger and keeps the toxins moving out of the body [more…]

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