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Fasting and the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is the perfect complement to fasting. Together, fasting and the Paleo Diet are the evolutionary keys to unlocking true health, leanness, and vitality. [more…]

The Pros and Cons of Fasting

Fasting, like all dietary and lifestyle practices, has its pros and cons. What's unique about fasting, however, is that many of the cons turn to pros after you shift your perspective. For example, being [more…]

Set Realistic Expectations and Goals for Fasting

In order to install a successful mindset before you begin any dietary or lifestyle change, you need to set realistic expectations for yourself to ensure both motivation and adherence. If you enter into [more…]

Take Before and After Photos of Your Fasting Lifestyle Changes

Another way to ensure your success is to find an accountabili-buddy, someone who is a friend, family member, or coworker who can hold you accountable. When you have an accountabili-buddy, exchange before [more…]

Leaving a Fast Early: How to Do So Sensibly

Sometimes life gets in the way. If for some reason you have to stop your fast, think through the decision before doing so. If you have no other course of action, when you do end a fast, keep these pointers [more…]

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting — or dieting sporadically — simply means you take a break from eating one to two times per week (meaning a full 24- to 32-hour fast), while the rest of the time you follow some basic [more…]

The Pros and Cons to Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting carries a unique set of pros and cons. Examine the upsides and downsides, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not fasting intermittently is the best approach [more…]

How to Be Successful with Your Intermittent Fast

In order to succeed with your intermittent fast, you first need to be able to embrace those feelings of hunger. Be aware that feeling hungry or wanting to eat aren't true feelings of hunger or deprivation [more…]

The Best Times to Fast

Intermittent fasting is inherently flexible. Because you only need to fast one or two times a week, you can begin your fast at the time that is most convenient for you as long as you ultimately fast for [more…]

When Not to Fast

Although intermittent fasting has been proven to burn body fat, ward off illness, improve brain function, and increase your energy, sometimes intermittent fasting isn't appropriate. Make sure you use common [more…]

Consuming Noncaloric Drinks While Fasting

Although you don't eat anything while fasting, make sure that you drink only noncaloric drinks during your intermittent fast, the most important being water. In fact, you should drink a minimum of eight [more…]

Stay Clear of Foods with Calories While Fasting

Avoid any food or drink that will cause a spike in insulin because insulin is the hormone that regulates whether you store fat or release it. By maintaining low levels of insulin throughout your fast, [more…]

Journal What You Eat on Nonfasting Days

The easiest way to keep track of what you eat is to keep a food journal on the days you aren't fasting. Doing so allows you to see exactly what you're eating each and every day. The adage “what gets tracked [more…]

Coming off the Fast: Select Healthful and Nutritious Food

When you come off a fast, you should eat what you would have eaten if you hadn't fasted. Just make sure you focus on choosing nutritious food, meaning you stay clear of the double bacon cheeseburger with [more…]

Coming off the Fast: Plan Your Eating Ahead of Time

To help mitigate the chances of you eating unhealthy foods when breaking your fast, don't set yourself up for failure. Prepare ahead for what you'll eat and have it readily on hand. Don't wait until the [more…]

Characteristics of the 5:2 Diet

One of the perks of the 5:2 Diet is that you aren't dieting most of the time, and the research has shown that this type of fasting style is as effective in weight loss as long-term calorie restriction. [more…]

The Importance of the Glycemic Index on the 5:2 Diet

Understanding the blood sugar's effect on the body and the glycemic index of various foods will go a long way in ensuring the successful completion of a fast. The [more…]

The Upsides and Downsides to the 5:2 Diet

The benefits of the 5:2 Diet are similar to other fasting methods, but some people may not find it as restrictive as, say, the full 24-hour, no-calorie intermittent fasting method. [more…]

How to Limit Calories on the 5:2 Diet's Fasting Days

The 5:2 Diet allows 500 calories to women and 600 calories to men for the two modified fasting days each week. But what does 500 or 600 calories look like? Well, depending on your food choices, they may [more…]

Foods to Avoid on the 5:2 Diet's Fasting Days

With a 500- to 600-calorie limit on your fasting days on the 5:2 Diet, you really do have to be judicious in what foods you're consuming. That's why the GI becomes especially important. Stick to foods [more…]

When to Fast and Not to Fast on the 5:2 Diet

Before you start the 5:2 Diet or any other fast, make sure you talk to your physician or health professional about fasting, its benefits and drawbacks, and the status of your health. [more…]

The Pros and Cons of Micro-Fasting

Just like all the other fasting practices available to you, micro-fasting also has its pros and cons. The good news: Most people find micro-fasting the most user-friendly of all the fasting practices, [more…]

The Truth about Breakfast and Fasting

Every night while you sleep you enter into a fast, but as soon as you wake up and eat breakfast, you turn off that fast, and, in turn, miss out on all the wonderful benefits to be had from fasting through [more…]

The Ideal Times to Eat When Micro-Fasting

Most people who practice micro-fasting say that 16 hours of fasting feels just right — you get hungry, but not too hungry. The peskiest part about micro-fasting, however, is identifying the ideal times [more…]

What You Can Eat When Micro-Fasting

The food you consume during the eight hours, how you choose to consume it, and how much you choose to consume greatly affect the effectiveness of your fasts. Fasting for 16 hours doesn't grant you permission [more…]

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