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Sticking to Your Diet at Mexican Restaurants

A flour tortilla is nutritionally sound, but roll it around a filling and deep-fry it, and you have a high calorie diet buster. The good news for dieters is that Mexican cuisine places minimal emphasis [more…]

Fast Food Serves Super-Size Fat and Calories

Eating out frequently, especially in fast-food restaurants, means that you’re probably missing out on many nutrients and eating more fat and calories than you want or need. A diet of fast food has several [more…]

Are You Likely to Gain Too Much Weight?

Eating too much and not exercising enough are the fundamental reasons people gain weight. But genetics, metabolism, and environmental factors explain how large your appetite is and how efficiently your [more…]

How Dieting Makes You Hungry

Dieting researchers have found that people with a long history of dieting lose their ability to recognize when they are full after a nutritionally complete meal. Chronic dieters eat or don’t eat based [more…]

Diet Foods for Your Refrigerator and Freezer

If you are on a diet, your fridge will be stocked with many nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables and plain frozen ones, which are a lot lower in calories than the frozen ones packaged in sauce or butter [more…]

Buying Nutritious Breads, Cereals, Rice, and Pasta

Full of essential nutrition, whole grains are the cornerstone of a healthy diet. But too often, shoppers are offered fat- and sugar-laden choices, devoid of nutrition and high in empty calories. [more…]

Sticking to Your Diet at Fast Food Places

Fast food restaurants are beginning to offer some choices for dieters or to those who want to eat nutritious food, but you have to use caution to stick to your diet. You can swear never to eat another [more…]

Eating to Satisfy Emotional Needs

From the time your mother handed you a cookie to quiet your crying, food may have become more than a way to provide nutrition. It’s a way to nourish your soul as well. Dieting to lose weight can bring [more…]

Food-Specific Diet Plans Allow Some, Avoid Other Foods

The premise of food-specific diets is that some foods have special properties that can cause weight loss, other foods cause weight gain, and combinations of specific foods cause you to lose or gain. [more…]

How Genetic Makeup Affects Body Weight

Although the exact mechanism isn’t clear, many health experts believe that each person is born with a genetically predetermined weight range that the body strives to maintain. Human bodies used this system [more…]

How to Fit Fats and Oils in a Healthy Diet

Oils and fats are among the more controversial components of the modern diet. You should get your essential fats mostly from whole foods. Two bonuses of this approach are that food sources are much more [more…]

Bad Habits That Get in the Way of Healthy Dieting

Dieters face pitfalls, some of which have to do with emotions, habits, or feelings of self-worth. But eating is not a moral issue. Your body requires nutrients to live. Sticking to a diet does not define [more…]

FDA Definitions for Nutrition Labeling for Restaurant Foods

If you are on a diet, eating out can mean trouble, but you can be sure that you’re getting a low-calorie meal when you order one. The Food and Drug Administration [more…]

Stocking Your Cupboard for Healthy, Tasty Cooking When Dieting

To cook low-calorie nutritious food, you don’t need to keep bottled salad dressings, canned cream soups, and oils in your kitchen. Instead, the diet-conscious cook stocks a pantry with canned tomatoes, [more…]

The Health Risks of Being Overweight or Obese

If you’re overweight, but feeling okay now, you may be indifferent to dieting to prevent health problems. But your extra weight strains all your body systems, putting you at risk for developing one or [more…]

How to Eat Sensibly When Traveling

Eating healthy, nutritious food and sticking to a diet are especially hard when you are away from home — for business or pleasure. You’re at the mercy of the food service industry, which offers foods high [more…]

Relating Risk Factors to the Weight That's Healthiest for You

Healthcare professionals use more than Body Mass Index (BMI), your weight, or the size of your waist to determine whether you need to lose weight. They also look at weight-related risk factors before determining [more…]

Dietary Guidelines Recommend Smart Food Choices in Your Diet

Some foods provide lots of nutrients per calorie. Some don’t. The former are called “nutrient-dense foods.” As you may expect, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend choosing foods from the high-nutrient [more…]

Answering the Right Questions When You Review Diet Programs

After you consider the different types of diet programs and find one that you think may work for you, make an appointment to visit one of that program’s centers for a personal interview. Take along the [more…]

How to Understand Menu Language for Healthy Dining

Dieters must know how to translate menu descriptions to yield clues to the fat and calorie contents of a dish. Restaurant portion sizes have more to do with controlling operation expenses than with balancing [more…]

Counting Calories and a Balanced Diet

There’s no one perfect diet, but you can count calories toward a balanced diet fairly easily. A balanced diet is one that ensures that you consume adequate carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and [more…]

Calorie-counting Tips for Dining Out

Dining out can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also be a high-calorie one. Even if you’re counting calories, though, you can enjoy your dining experience without the worry of eating too many calories [more…]

Counting Calories for Weight Loss

To lose weight, you have to reduce your total calorie intake, which means counting the calories you ingest and reducing them. Eating 500 calories less a day will promote the loss of 1 pound per week. Use [more…]

Calorie Counter For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Counting calories is a time-tested method for reducing food intake, which leads to weight loss and other health benefits. Counting calories can be part of making sure you eat a well-balanced diet as well [more…]

How the Paleo Diet Helps You Lose Weight

Adopting a Paleo (or cave man) diet helps your body lose body fat naturally until you've reached your ideal weight. What's so great about eating Paleo is that you [more…]


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