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Fats, Oils, and Sweets in a Healthy Diet

At the very top of the Food Guide Pyramid is the tiny triangle of fats and sweets. These foods add calories without contributing much in the way of other nutrients to your diet. [more…]

Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables for a Healthy Diet

Fruits and vegetables are almost freefoods for dieters. But eating healthfully means more than counting calories. Vitamins and mineral nutrients are important, too. Want to get more nutrition out of your [more…]

Consuming Less Salt for a Healthier Diet

Many foods naturally contain sodium, albeit usually in tiny amounts. Although some people add salt to their food at the table, most sodium in the U.S. diet comes from foods to which salt has been added [more…]

Controlling Hypertension with Healthy Low-Fat Diet

The traditional treatment for hypertension included drugs, a diet low in sodium, weight reduction, alcohol only in moderation, and regular exercise. Data from a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute [more…]

Processing Food to Preserve Nutrients and Stop Spoilage

Processing upgrades the nutritional value of foods by changing food from a living thing (animal or vegetable) into an integral component of your healthful diet. Processing preserves nutrition, lengthens [more…]

Eat Fewer Saturated and Trans Fats in Your Diet

Research shows that a diet high in saturated fatty acids causes blood cholesterol levels to rise even more than eating large amounts of dietary cholesterol does. Fats are made up of both saturated and [more…]

The Health Risks of Being Overweight or Obese

If you’re overweight, but feeling okay now, you may be indifferent to dieting to prevent health problems. But your extra weight strains all your body systems, putting you at risk for developing one or [more…]

How to Eat Sensibly When Traveling

Eating healthy, nutritious food and sticking to a diet are especially hard when you are away from home — for business or pleasure. You’re at the mercy of the food service industry, which offers foods high [more…]

Relating Risk Factors to the Weight That's Healthiest for You

Healthcare professionals use more than Body Mass Index (BMI), your weight, or the size of your waist to determine whether you need to lose weight. They also look at weight-related risk factors before determining [more…]

How to Understand Menu Language for Healthy Dining

Dieters must know how to translate menu descriptions to yield clues to the fat and calorie contents of a dish. Restaurant portion sizes have more to do with controlling operation expenses than with balancing [more…]

Mineral Sources and Serving Sizes for a Healthy Diet

This table is a handy guide to dietary sources of minerals and trace elements your body needs. Because a healthful, varied diet provides sufficient quantities of these nutrients, there are no entries for [more…]

Dairy Products for a Healthy Diet

One of the first foods to be cut from many dieters’ shopping lists and menus is dairy. What a shame! Dairy foods are rich in essential nutrients. Most people, women in particular, need to increase their [more…]

How a Healthy Diet Helps You Live Well

A healthful diet gives you the nutrients you need to keep your body in top-flight condition. Nutritionists even claim that you can use some foods to prevent, alleviate, or cure what ails you. [more…]

Diets That May Reduce Cancer Risks

Is there really an anticancer diet? Right now, the answer seems to be a definite maybe. The problem is that cancer isn’t one disease; it’s many. Some nutrients seem to protect against some specific cancers [more…]

How to Keep Food Safe to Eat

Part of a healthy diet is making sure that the foods that you eat have retained their nutrients and won’t make you sick. You count on producers, packers, and shippers, and supermarkets to comply with sanitation [more…]

Safely Refrigerating and Freezing Food to Preserve Nutrients

Keeping food cold, sometimes very cold, preserves nutritional content and slows or suspends the activity of microbes bent on digesting your nutrients before you do. [more…]

Ten Rules for Healthful Eating

If your goal this year is to lose weight, these rules for healthy eating are for you. Eating low-cal is definitely a healthy habit. But there’s more to good living than just counting calories. The nutrients [more…]

How to Use Color to Shop for Antioxidant-Rich Produce

You can use the colors of fruits and vegetables to help guide your dietary levels of antioxidants, which is extremely important component for your diet. [more…]

How to Chew the Right Way for Good Health

Chewing is extremely important to your health. You can do your body a lot of good just by processing your food the right way — from the first bite. Chewing is the first step in the digestive process, and [more…]

How to Control Allergies with Smart Food Decisions

The food choices you make can have a tremendous impact on your allergies. Of course, when it comes to food allergies, the choices you make about what you eat can be a matter of life or death [more…]

Fight Allergies with This Healthy Salmon Salad Recipe

If you have food allergies, you need to avoid certain foods. Never eat the specific food you are allergic to, of course, but also make sure to avoid caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. The most allergenic foods [more…]

How to Know whether Your Detox Diet Is Working

How do you know when your toxin-free diet is really making a difference in your life? How can you be sure the healthy choices you’re making through detoxification are having a positive effect on your body [more…]

How to Use Your Muscles to Maximize Detoxification

Going through a regular workout inevitably improves your muscle strength and endurance. Your muscles can help you make the most of your detoxification efforts through stimulation of your lymph system and [more…]

How to Maintain Healthy Levels of Bacteria

Bacteria are on and in us all the time, including the kinds of bacteria that can cause infections. The trick is that they’re present in extremely small numbers, and they don’t start being harmful unless [more…]

Identifying What Qualifies as a Toxin

A toxin is any substance that your body can’t use in a purposeful way or that requires energy to be removed. Even substances that your body has to have to survive can be toxic if you get too much of them [more…]


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