Boosting Your Metabolism

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Eat Breakfast to Boost Your Metabolism

The first meal of the day is called breakfast because you’re literally breaking a fast of many hours without food. Your metabolism is moving less overnight when you’re sleeping because you’re not physically [more…]

Power Combinations of Metabolism-Boosting Foods

Although many metabolism-boosting foods are nutritious on their own, pairing foods together can maximize their metabolism-boosting potential. Having a balance among your meals helps you get all the nutrients [more…]

A Week's Sample Meal Plans for Boosting Your Metabolism

Here are meal ideas for a sample week’s metabolism-boosting plan. Use the information as a jumping-off point to plan your meals ahead. Pick foods that you love and are likely to incorporate without feeling [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Recipes: Sweet Breakfast Dishes

Breaking your overnight fast with breakfast is the first line of defense for the day against a sluggish metabolism. No matter what you eat, having breakfast within a few hours of waking up helps wake up [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Recipes: Savory Breakfast Dishes

Having a balance among all those nutrients in your breakfast foods helps provide you with the most energy to awaken your metabolism for the day. No wonder people who eat breakfast are more likely to lose [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Recipes: Salads

Planning ahead to have a lunch that powers you through the day is easy with these simple recipes you can prep ahead of time and brown bag so that you keep your metabolism maximized throughout the day. [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Recipes: Soups

Soups can be a great metabolism-boosting meal as long as you’ve got veggies, beans, or another lean protein like white meat chicken in the mix. You may want to pair with a piece of fruit or have a small [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Recipes: Sandwiches

Without a metabolism-boosting lunch chock-full of nutrients, your blood sugar levels drop, you feel sluggish, and you tend to go overboard calorie-wise at dinnertime. Without lunch, the math never adds [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Recipes: Snacks

A major part of the boosting-your-metabolism way is substituting the foods you eat with more nutritionally dense foods so that you’re satisfied and energized throughout the day. Note that [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Recipes: Desserts

When it comes to dessert, you may never think you’re able to have it in moderation. But if you make the most of the nutrition, make some concessions with your portions and how frequently you have dessert [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Recipes: One-Dish Dinners

Balancing your meal is the secret to metabolism-boosting success. When you just have carbohydrate, like pasta with tomato sauce, without an added source of protein, your metabolism doesn’t have to work [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Recipes: Side Dishes

Ending the day with a light but nutritious dinner can help you finish getting all the nutrients you need while keeping your metabolism in high gear. Always pair carbohydrates with a serving of protein [more…]

The Basics of Burning Fat to Boost Your Metabolism

No matter where you store fat, you can rev up your burning furnace with activity. Consistent activity — especially weight-bearing, resistance exercises during which you build and tone muscle — can help [more…]

Full-Body Metabolism-Boosting Exercises

When you’re short on time, you can make the most of the weight or resistance work that you do using metabolism-boosting exercises that work multiple muscles of your body. [more…]

Yoga and Pilates Exercises to Boost Your Metabolism

Taking exercise classes is great when you're trying to boost your metabolism. You can discover new movements that speak to you, learn proper technique from an instructor, and stay engaged with a variety [more…]

What Is Metabolic Syndrome?

Also known as Syndrome X, metabolic syndrome is defined as several conditions that can increase your risk for diabetes and heart disease. These include: insulin resistance, high blood pressure, elevated [more…]

The Connection between Thyroid Disease and Your Metabolism

If your metabolism is the engine of your body, your thyroid is a key that turns the ignition. The thyroid gland, located in your neck just below the Adam’s apple, is responsible for producing hormones [more…]

The Connection between PCOS and Your Metabolism

If you’re dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), you’re in the company of roughly 1 out of every 15 women in the U.S. who have the condition. Your hormones become unbalanced, which can affect [more…]

The Connection between Menopause and Your Metabolism

Weight gain and a slower metabolic rate is common in menopause due to the natural aging process and fluctuations in estrogen. Also, an increase in testosterone is one reason for the decreased sex drive [more…]

Strategize Restaurant Menus and Cuisines for Your Metabolism-Boosting Diet

You can stick to your metabolism-boosting diet when eating out. You just need a strategy. Whether you’re taking a look before you go online or you’re opening up the menu as you sit down at the table, knowing [more…]

Ten Sure Signs You’re Boosting Your Metabolism

As you improve your diet to boost your metabolism, you experience changes in your body and your mind. Seeing these positive changes helps keep you motivated to continue down a healthy path. [more…]

The Connection between Diabetes and Your Metabolism

If you have diabetes mellitus, you may already know what a huge impact diet and exercise have on your metabolism, blood glucose levels, your need for medication, as well as how you feel. A disruption in [more…]

Metabolism-Boosting Foods and Nutrients: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It seems like every day there is a new health benefit that omega-3 fatty acids bestow upon you: they’re good for your heart, improve arthritis, reduce depression, help with hot flashes during menopause [more…]

Upper Body and Core Metabolism-Boosting Exercises

Core, or abdominal, exercise is integral to almost every movement because it helps with so much: balance, coordination, and flexibility. It also improves your performance with cardio workouts. Although [more…]


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