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Ten Ways to Relax

You deserve to relax. And making time for it allows you to be more productive the rest of the day, which boosts your metabolic rate. Taking a break gives your brain and body time to recover and operate [more…]

Chemicals to Eliminate from Your Diet

Some food-related chemicals were created by man with the purpose of improving your health. However, in many cases, they have the opposite effect. They're disguised within foods in one way or another, and [more…]

Preparing Your Kitchen for a Metabolism Boosting Diet

The first step to making your kitchen your healthy eating sanctuary is to remove the foods that are problematic. These are the foods that clog up the space in your pantry and slow your weight loss progress [more…]

The Metabolism Booster's Guide to Food Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of the greatest ways to jump-start a healthy eating regimen — that is, of course, if you're planning ahead for the excursion, making nutritious choices, buying foods that you'll [more…]

Getting the Right Sleep for Your Metabolism

No matter how much activity you do, sleep is your way of recharging to power up for the day ahead. It's true that your metabolism slows by about 10 percent during sleep, but functions like muscle growth [more…]

Coping with Stress to Fix Your Metabolism

Do you automatically correlate stress with negative emotions and situations? Here's a reality check for you: Stress is a normal response to events and is unavoidable. But it's not always a [more…]

Living Cleaner to Boost Your Metabolism

The phrase "living clean" means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for the sake of this article it's defined as any of the lifestyle choices you make that will boost your metabolic rate. [more…]

Boosting Your Metabolism For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Along with making some lifestyle changes and adding exercise, your diet has a lot to do with boosting your metabolism. Sometimes making the right choices about what to eat isn't so easy, and these decisions [more…]

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