Beating Sugar Addiction

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2 Low-Sugar Egg Dishes for a Nutritional Breakfast

When you wake up in the morning, you’ve gone eight or ten hours without food, your body is craving nourishment, and your brain needs glucose to function at its best. Skipping breakfast is one of the worst [more…]

Outside the Cereal Box — Low-Sugar Breakfast Ideas

When some people sit down for breakfast, they automatically grab a quick, all-carbohydrate food like breakfast cereal or a muffin. Don’t be afraid to think outside the American breakfast food box — even [more…]

Recipe for Low-Sugar Multigrain Pancakes

Under-eating during the day and overeating at night is exactly the wrong way to eat if you’re trying to lose weight and fight sugar addiction. Doing so also works against you if you’re trying to keep your [more…]

2 Low-Sugar Lunch Salads

Often, lunch is the make-or-break meal that determines what you’ll feel like during the rest of the day. Poor choices at lunch leave you with low energy for the afternoon and an unstoppable appetite by [more…]

Make Smart, Low-Sugar Lunch Choices

If you eat a high-protein lunch with lots of organic vegetables, you’ll likely stay satisfied, energized, and craving-free for the rest of the day. Lunches that contain mostly high-glycemic carbs — lots [more…]

Recipe for Ostrich Medallions with Corn Relish

A low-sugar lunch doesn’t have to be a dreary sandwich or salad! Instead, use lunch as an opportunity to experience new and exciting foods like ostrich medallions with corn relish. [more…]

2 Nourishing, Low-Sugar Fish Dinners

Pleasing everyone in the family with your low-sugar menu planning can be a challenge. You may very well face some resistance to changing to a healthier eating style; try one [more…]

Recipe for Ginger Scallop Casserole

When choosing scallops for this healthful, low-sugar recipe, be sure you choose dry scallops. Dry scallops are all-natural and haven’t been treated with any chemicals. They’re harvested directly from the [more…]

Recipe for Lamb Pockets

This is a speedy dinner recipe that’s nutritious and low-sugar. Taking less time to make dinner gives you more time with your family. Dinnertime isn’t just about the food. Often, a few minutes together [more…]

Recipe for Baked Parmesan Chicken

If you’re the head chef in your family, dinnertime can be stressful. Not only are you responsible for feeding yourself sensibly, but you also have several other people to consider, each with his or her [more…]

Recipe for Grilled Cajun Beef Kebabs

For those who are trying to fight sugar addiction, protein is important for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This recipe is not only low-sugar and healthy, but it’s high in protein. [more…]

Boiled Eggs Are a Great Alternative to Sugary Snacks

A hard-boiled egg can be your go-to snack if you have zero time to get something healthy to eat. Downing an egg or two quells your hunger, adds extra protein for the day, and keeps your starving brain [more…]

3 Healthy Snacks to Fight Sugar Addiction

Healthy snacks are crucial for keeping your blood sugar levels steady and for fending off sugar cravings. The right snacks satisfy your hunger and fuel your body for a few hours, leaving you sharp, energetic [more…]

Recipe for Baby Shrimp Salad with Dill Dressing

For a high-protein, healthful snack, try this Baby Shrimp Salad. It’s light and flavorful and will keep you satisfied and away from the temptation of sugary snack foods. [more…]

2 Low-Sugar Cookie Recipes

You’re taking steps to reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet, but that doesn’t mean that you have to swear off desserts forever. You can make smart choices to have your dessert and eat it too. Following [more…]


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