Beating Sugar Addiction

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Chronic Fatigue and Sugar Addiction

Chronic stress activates the adrenal glands to produce stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. Overproduction of these hormones drops your blood sugar because stress hormones make you burn circulating [more…]

Fibromyalgia and Sugar Addiction

Fibromyalgia is one of the terms given to the condition of chronic, widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue. Emotional stress coupled with inflammation from too much sugar causes the nervous system [more…]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Sugar Addiction

Not surprisingly, your digestive system is one of the first body systems to be affected by your diet. Consistent consumption of fast food, chemicals, and high-sugar food creates a continuous state of inflammation [more…]

Immune System Impairment and Sugar Addiction

Research clearly shows that ingesting large amounts of sugar results in a significant decrease in the ability of the immune system to engulf bacteria. This effect occurs rapidly after eating sugar and [more…]

Bone Loss and Sugar Addiction

Excess sugar has a negative effect on all your tissues, including your bones and teeth. Sugar contributes to problems with bone density and tooth decay. [more…]

Sugar Addiction and Cholesterol

To understand how too much dietary sugar can impact your cholesterol levels, you first need to understand how sugar creates triglycerides. When you eat fructose, your body sends it to the liver, which [more…]

Fight Sugar Addiction by Cleaning Out Your Kitchen

To successfully implement an improved eating plan, you must make sure that healthy, low-sugar foods are available in your house. If your kitchen and pantry are filled with junk food, your overloaded brain [more…]

Tips for Buying and Cooking Healthy Fish

Whenever possible, you should buy fish that’s wild-caught instead of farmed. According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, farmed fish are clearly inferior to their wild counterparts from [more…]

Feedlot Meat versus Pasture-Raised Meat

Regardless of whether you decide to buy organic produce, if you eat meat choose pasture-raised beef and chicken. Animals that are pasture-raised are much healthier because they have access to their natural [more…]

Food Labels and Fighting Sugar Addiction

The nutrition facts label is your key to uncovering the truth about the food and amount of sugar inside. The nutrition facts label shows you the serving size, the calorie count, the basic nutrition breakdown [more…]

Stick to Your Grocery List to Fight Sugar Addiction

Planning your meals in advance is a vital part of eating well and avoiding reactive eating. An integral part of executing your plan is maintaining your grocery list. Without the right supplies, you’ll [more…]

Your First Steps Toward Sugar Detox

Sugar detox is simply the act of stopping the ingestion of harmful amounts of sugar so that your body can begin to heal itself by de-acidifying your blood and tissues, shedding excess body fat, and coaxing [more…]

Complementary Medicine Options for Sugar Detoxing

Because a lifetime of sugar abuse can cause significant damage to the body, some sugar addicts struggle with serious medical conditions resulting from years of an abusive diet. Improving your diet and [more…]

Let Go of Other Ugly Addictions Besides Sugar

After you develop the skills and the mind-set to defeat one addiction, such as your sugar addiction, you can apply the same skills and methods to rid yourself of other unhealthy habits, too! [more…]

Sugar Addiction: Depression and Anxiety

Sugar addicts commonly suffer from anxiety. Sugar abuse produces a blood-sugar roller coaster that can trigger anxiety attacks. When blood sugar levels crash, your brain gets desperate for food, and your [more…]

What Is Mindful Eating?

Mindfulness is the act of being mentally and emotionally present, without judgment, while being aware of and intentional about your state of mind and your behavior. Basically, it means paying attention [more…]

Proactive versus Reactive Eating

It’s very easy to turn to food, especially sugar, when you feel stressed or out of control. Sugar is pervasive in most of the world, and this cheap, readily available drug can exert harmful control over [more…]

Eating with Intention to Fight Sugar Addiction

Eating purposefully (instead of reactively) is the most important skill for controlling your weight and staying away from sugar. The lifestyle of modern society has created a host of external food cues [more…]

Plan Your Food Choices to Fight Sugar Addiction

Many people fall victim to reactive eating because they’re unprepared. If you don’t know in advance what your food will consist of for the day, you’re at the mercy of the cravings of your starving brain [more…]

Keep a Food Journal to Fight Sugar Addiction

A food journal (also known as a lie detector) is one of the best tools for staying mindful and honest about how you’re actually eating. After you eat something, write it down right away; at the end of [more…]

Try an Experiment in Mindful Eating

To get a feel for how mindful eating can enhance your eating experience, try this sequence the next time you’re ready to sit down to eat something that you love. Cheese ravioli is used for this example [more…]

Avoid Being Obsessive or Neurotic About Food

Being mindful and choosy about what you eat isn’t the same as being obsessive or neurotic about food! Making smart choices from an informed and empowered position is desirable, whereas making decisions [more…]

Manage Stress to Fight Sugar Addiction

One of the most reliable paths to sugar addiction and obesity is high stress, because stress changes your appetite, stimulates overeating, and increases insulin resistance. [more…]

How to Adopt a New Mind-Set to Fight Sugar Addiction

Any aspect of your life — your body, your relationships, your friendships, your attitudes — is strongly influenced by what you do most of the time. Whatever is “normal” for you yields a certain result. [more…]

3 New Habits to Develop to Help Fight Sugar Addiction

Sometimes the idea of changing your daily routines can seem daunting. People often report that in the past they felt overwhelmed by all the things they thought they had to keep track of when they tried [more…]


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