Beating Sugar Addiction

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11 Things a Sugar Detox Can Do for You

Sugar, in excessive amounts, is one of the most harmful substances you can eat. When you look at a piece of candy, a soda, or a bag of pastries, you may not think of the word [more…]

How to Get Off Sugar without Driving Yourself Crazy

Despite what you may believe, getting off sugar and eating a healthier diet don’t require superhuman discipline, some infomercial’s “secret” pills, or a lifetime dedicated to eating like a rabbit. Try [more…]

10 Ways to Outwit Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar is everywhere, and resisting the urge to overindulge isn’t always easy. Stress, poor nutrition, dehydration, and lack of sleep can all drive you to grab whatever sugar-laden junk food is handy. Healthy [more…]

10 Surprising Foods to Leave at the Grocery Store to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Though most people recognize the junk-food quality of obvious high-sugar foods like candy and ice cream, many unhealthy items are available in the stores that you may erroneously think of as healthier [more…]

Why is Sugar so Bad for You?

Carbohydrates are very important to living beings. So, why is sugar so bad for you? You need carbohydrates in your diet to provide energy to each cell, to supply your brain with glucose, and to furnish [more…]

What Sugar Addicts Should Know about Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks generally contain only small amounts of sugar (assuming that you don’t add lots of sugary mixer). Even a glass of sweet white wine usually contains only about 8 grams of sugar. But be [more…]

Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Addictions

Artificial sweeteners are detrimental to the sugar addict because they work by causing neuro-excitation in a part of the brain that causes people to perceive a sweet taste. The danger is that these chemical [more…]

What Sugar Addicts Should Know about Protein

Dietary protein is essential for maintaining the structure of your body and beating your sugar addiction. All the soft tissues in the body — muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, and even skin and hair [more…]

Choose the Right Fats to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Dietary fat has been bedeviled in the past as the primary contributor to obesity and heart disease. However, fats are necessary to beat sugar addictions. As nutrition science progresses, it has become [more…]

Supplements that Help Beat a Sugar Addiction

Fortifying your diet with the right nutrition supplements can help fend off sugar cravings and add a much-needed boost to your health and vitality. Proper supplementation is an important component of long-term [more…]

How to Create a Sugar-Smart Kitchen

The keys to beating a sugar addiction with a healthy eating system are to plan ahead and to make sure that healthy foods are available and convenient. After you remove the sugar-infused garbage from your [more…]

How to Go Sugar-Free on a Budget

Beating a sugar addiction can be expensive. In general, whole food is more expensive than packaged convenience foods, and organic food costs more than industrial food products. The popularity of clean [more…]

How to Beat Sugar Addiction with Proactive Eating

It’s very easy to turn to food, especially sugar, when you feel stressed or out of control. Proactive eating can help you assert control of the situation. Sugar is pervasive in most of the world, and this [more…]

Strategies for Sugar-Free Success

If you are planning to adopt a sugar-free lifestyle, consider these must-do strategies for success — vital skills to achieve the new habits and new mind-set you’ll need. As you pick up these principles [more…]

How to Eat Out and Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Mindfulness and planning are very important to prevent the act of eating out from turning into a sugary, nutritional disaster. Restaurants serve up enticing appetizer and entree concoctions topped with [more…]

How to Reduce Your Sugar Intake on Vacations and Special Occasions

Throughout the course of a year, you’ll experience stretches of time where sugar and junk food are plentiful, like vacations and holidays. These tips can help you keep tabs on your sugar intake while still [more…]

5 Easy Substitutions to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Beating a sugar addiction is difficult and requires a slow approach. With so many challenges in front of you, the task can be daunting. Begin with a few easy substitutions: [more…]

Why Sugar Is So Addictive?

Sugar addiction is prevalent in modern society because sugar is legal, cheap, pervasive, and socially acceptable. You can’t say that about the other substances people get addicted to. Combine all that [more…]

Beat Sugar Addiction with Calorie Management and Portion Control

Understanding portions and calories is the key to kicking a sugar addiction. In nutrition, a calorie is the measure of the amount of energy contained in a food. Your body breaks down foods to provide energy [more…]

A Sugar Addict’s Guide to Good Carbs

Sugar addicts needs to arm themselves with the right information to kick the habit. Not all carbohydrates are the same, and despite what some mainstream diets pronounce, not every carbohydrate is your [more…]

Beat Your Sugar Addiction with Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the body’s primary fuel source. You need carbohydrates in your diet to provide energy to each cell, to feed your brain, and to fuel your muscles and organs. If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates [more…]

How to Launch Your Day the Low-Sugar Way

The ideal breakfast to beat your sugar addiction has a high protein content. Higher-protein breakfasts translate into a more sustained level of energy throughout the morning. Protein fills you up longer [more…]

How to Make Speedy Low-Sugar Dinners

One difficulty that people often express when kicking the sugar habit is finding the time to cook healthy meals. When you work long days and the kids have activities, you don’t have much time left for [more…]

How to Make Low Sugar Snacks

When planning your snacks, think of them as mini-meals. Using the same low sugar nutrition principles you use with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, make sure your snacks contain a protein and a plant, and [more…]

How to Make Satisfying Sugar-Free Desserts

Many sugar cravings stem purely from habit — the more sugar you eat, the more you want. When you eat dessert every day, you continue to want dessert every day. Don’t make after-dinner sweets an everyday [more…]

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