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Using Irradiation to Preserve Food for Safe Eating

Irradiation preserves nutrients in food and kills microbes that destroys them. The preservation technique exposes food to electron beams or gamma radiation, a high-energy light stronger than the X-rays [more…]

Bad Habits That Get in the Way of Healthy Dieting

Dieters face pitfalls, some of which have to do with emotions, habits, or feelings of self-worth. But eating is not a moral issue. Your body requires nutrients to live. Sticking to a diet does not define [more…]

FDA Definitions for Nutrition Labeling for Restaurant Foods

If you are on a diet, eating out can mean trouble, but you can be sure that you’re getting a low-calorie meal when you order one. The Food and Drug Administration [more…]

Fats, Oils, and Sweets in a Healthy Diet

At the very top of the Food Guide Pyramid is the tiny triangle of fats and sweets. These foods add calories without contributing much in the way of other nutrients to your diet. [more…]

Adding Fruits to Your Diet Every Day

Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber necessary for proper nutrition. They’re also naturally low in fat with few exceptions. Breakfast is a good place to begin adding fruit servings [more…]

Histidine: The Amino Acid for Allergies

Histidine is a semi-essential amino acid that your body needs during periods of growth, stress, and recovery from illness and injury. This nutrient is an essential amino acid for children. Dietary sources [more…]

Stocking Your Cupboard for Healthy, Tasty Cooking When Dieting

To cook low-calorie nutritious food, you don’t need to keep bottled salad dressings, canned cream soups, and oils in your kitchen. Instead, the diet-conscious cook stocks a pantry with canned tomatoes, [more…]

Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables for a Healthy Diet

Fruits and vegetables are almost freefoods for dieters. But eating healthfully means more than counting calories. Vitamins and mineral nutrients are important, too. Want to get more nutrition out of your [more…]

Grains: The Foundation of a Healthy Diet

Grains are low in fat and provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are the source of complex carbohydrates in your diet. But the wrong kinds of grain products can lead you to eat too many [more…]

Consuming Less Salt for a Healthier Diet

Many foods naturally contain sodium, albeit usually in tiny amounts. Although some people add salt to their food at the table, most sodium in the U.S. diet comes from foods to which salt has been added [more…]

Controlling Hypertension with Healthy Low-Fat Diet

The traditional treatment for hypertension included drugs, a diet low in sodium, weight reduction, alcohol only in moderation, and regular exercise. Data from a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute [more…]

Processing Food to Preserve Nutrients and Stop Spoilage

Processing upgrades the nutritional value of foods by changing food from a living thing (animal or vegetable) into an integral component of your healthful diet. Processing preserves nutrition, lengthens [more…]

USDA Recommendations for Dairy Products in Your Diet

To meet your nutritional needs, the USDA recommends two to three daily servings of dairy products. Including dairy foods in your diet provides you with protein and calcium and contributes vitamins A and [more…]

Eat Fewer Saturated and Trans Fats in Your Diet

Research shows that a diet high in saturated fatty acids causes blood cholesterol levels to rise even more than eating large amounts of dietary cholesterol does. Fats are made up of both saturated and [more…]

The Health Risks of Being Overweight or Obese

If you’re overweight, but feeling okay now, you may be indifferent to dieting to prevent health problems. But your extra weight strains all your body systems, putting you at risk for developing one or [more…]

How to Eat Sensibly When Traveling

Eating healthy, nutritious food and sticking to a diet are especially hard when you are away from home — for business or pleasure. You’re at the mercy of the food service industry, which offers foods high [more…]

Relating Risk Factors to the Weight That's Healthiest for You

Healthcare professionals use more than Body Mass Index (BMI), your weight, or the size of your waist to determine whether you need to lose weight. They also look at weight-related risk factors before determining [more…]

Dietary Guidelines Recommend Smart Food Choices in Your Diet

Some foods provide lots of nutrients per calorie. Some don’t. The former are called “nutrient-dense foods.” As you may expect, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend choosing foods from the high-nutrient [more…]

Answering the Right Questions When You Review Diet Programs

After you consider the different types of diet programs and find one that you think may work for you, make an appointment to visit one of that program’s centers for a personal interview. Take along the [more…]

How to Understand Menu Language for Healthy Dining

Dieters must know how to translate menu descriptions to yield clues to the fat and calorie contents of a dish. Restaurant portion sizes have more to do with controlling operation expenses than with balancing [more…]

Mineral Sources and Serving Sizes for a Healthy Diet

This table is a handy guide to dietary sources of minerals and trace elements your body needs. Because a healthful, varied diet provides sufficient quantities of these nutrients, there are no entries for [more…]

Threonine: An Amino Acid Muscle Relaxer

Threonine is an essential amino acid. To obtain this nutrient in your diet, eat flesh foods, dairy foods, and eggs. You can also find moderate levels in wheat germ and many nuts, beans, and seeds, as well [more…]

When to Use Dietary Supplements for Optimum Health

Many people consider vitamin and mineral supplements an easy way to get nutrients. Others take supplements as nutritional insurance. And some even use supplements as substitutes for medical drugs. [more…]

Dairy Products for a Healthy Diet

One of the first foods to be cut from many dieters’ shopping lists and menus is dairy. What a shame! Dairy foods are rich in essential nutrients. Most people, women in particular, need to increase their [more…]

How a Healthy Diet Helps You Live Well

A healthful diet gives you the nutrients you need to keep your body in top-flight condition. Nutritionists even claim that you can use some foods to prevent, alleviate, or cure what ails you. [more…]

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