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Quit Smoking to Enhance Your Mediterranean-Diet Lifestyle

If you're on the Mediterranean diet, good for you! But if you're also a smoker, then you might be counteracting benefits you gain from that diet. Only one good thing can be said about cigarette smoking [more…]

28 Mediterranean Diet Foods and their Nutritional Benefits

Many of the food items featured in the Mediterranean diet are packed with nutrients. The Mediterranean diet includes a wide variety of foods, that won't leave you bored. Have a look at some of these foods [more…]

Embrace Walking as Part of the Mediterranean Diet

When you combine your Mediterranean diet with a physical activity like walking, you can boost your overall health even more. Walking is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do, and walking 10,000 [more…]

10 Tips for Using Olive Oil in the Mediterranean Diet

Part of the Mediterranean-diet lifestyle is using healthy, monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, in place of butter or other fats. Oils are beneficial for cooking because they allow you to cook food [more…]

Mediterranean Diet For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Because of the health benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet and the recent studies that have highlighted the diet’s ability to reduce heart disease, decrease the risk of some cancers, prevent [more…]

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