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Two Approaches to Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet

You can approach a gradual implementation of a plant-based diet in two ways. You want to focus either on what you can eliminate or what you can add in. Adding in is not as scary as taking something out [more…]

A Plant-Based Meal Plan for Energy and Endurance

You don’t have to be athletic to want energy all day long. The plant-based meal ideas in the following table are balanced and well rounded to keep you sustained with nutrients to keep you going. [more…]

Protein-Filled Meal Plan for Plant-Based Eating

Whether you train hard at the gym or just find that you feel better eating more protein, you may want to follow a meal plan that looks like the one in the following table. However, be sure to rotate these [more…]

Light Plant-Based Meals for Weight Loss

If you eat the right things in balance, you naturally achieve a healthy weight. That being said, choosing certain foods over others helps you get to your goals a little bit more quickly. The table shows [more…]


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