IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

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How to Enjoy Italian Food without Triggering IBS Symptoms

Although you may consider lasagna, garlic bread, and wine comfort food, if you have IBS, your bowels may not agree. Bread, wheat pasta, and sauces made with creams can pose a real hazard to your IBS; you [more…]

How to Enjoy Chinese Food without Triggering IBS Symptoms

A meal of Chinese food is exciting when you have IBS because you have lots of choices, but one big drawback is that the biggest flavor enhancer in Chinese food is MSG, which is often built into the sauces [more…]

How to Enjoy Thai Food without Triggering IBS Symptoms

Thai food is a favorite for those who have IBS because it’s got lots of mild flavor and is generally light, but you need to watch out for some pitfalls. Many appetizers include fried items, and they’re [more…]

How to Enjoy Japanese Food without Triggering IBS Symptoms

If Japanese flavors entice you, as an IBS sufferer, you don't have to totally give up that taste sensation. Yes, you should avoid sushi because of the safety of raw fish. You can, however, have vegetable [more…]

How to Enjoy Steaks and Chop House Food without Triggering IBS Symptoms

If you have IBS, you don’t have to give up the steakhouse! They may be more expensive, but you can have a well-prepared yet simple grilled steak, fish, or chicken and side order of cooked vegetables and [more…]

10 Ways to Keep the Yeast from Triggering IBS

Yeast has been around forever; it’s not some mystery bug just now discovered. The real mystery is why it’s not recognized as a trigger for IBS. It lives happily and harmlessly in your gut as tiny little [more…]

10 Strategies for Avoiding Common IBS Eating Traps

The traps presented here may seem obvious to you, but the nature of traps is that you can’t really see them all the time, and everybody has at least one blind spot. After you know about these traps, you [more…]

Surprising Sources of Major IBS Triggers

Food sensitivities and IBS triggers are hard to avoid when problem ingredients hide out in places you never expect to find them. How can you eliminate something from your diet when you don’t even know [more…]

Being Prepared Keeps Your IBS Symptoms in Control

Now that you have IBS you can’t just grab any old munchies if you want to stave off an attack. A little preparation can help you avoid getting stuck without an appropriate way to satisfy your hunger. [more…]

How to Socialize with IBS: Functioning at a Function

Social functions can be very stressful for people with IBS. They have to deal with tempting but potentially triggering foods, strange (and sometimes public) washrooms, and folks who may not understand [more…]

How to Prepare Children with IBS for School

If your child has IBS, she’s probably feeling the anxiety of being different on top of the anxiety caused by her condition. Most kids just want to fit in with their friends and not stand out as different [more…]

How to Eat on the Road if You Have IBS

Whether you’re taking a day trip or a long holiday, if you have IBS, you have to do your homework before you leave. The following list provides tips for keeping your tummy happy while you travel. [more…]

How to Figure Out Your Child's IBS Trigger Foods

If you haven’t connected your child’s IBS symptoms to the foods he or she eats, chances are the kid isn’t going to make the connection either. Regardless of IBS variety, children need to understand that [more…]

Specific Carbohydrate Diet: Caramelized Banana and Date "Porridge"

This breakfast treat uses leftover pureed cooked cauliflower to create the consistency of porridge. What a great way to make use of leftovers! Be sure to heat the cauliflower thoroughly because when cauliflower [more…]


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