Managing Stress

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Stress-Effective Eating

Your life is already stressed enough without having to worry about what goes into your mouth. However, what you eat — and how you eat it — can contribute significantly to your ability to cope with stress [more…]

10 Stress-Relieving Foods

Here’s a quick, specific list of ten foods that are not only good for you but also can help lower your stress level. Try snacking on these regularly and watch your stress levels go down: [more…]

The Stress-Eating Cycle

Are you an emotional eater? When you feed your stress, a destructive cycle begins. If so, you may eat whenever you’re anxious, upset, nervous, or depressed. Although emotional eaters can still put it away [more…]

Get in the Habit of Anti-Stress Snacking

Feeling anxious, nervous, stressed out? Need a quick food fix? Snacking, when done right, is an art. Anyone can down a candy bar or a bag of chips and a soda. The real skill is coming up with a snack that [more…]

Stress-Reducing Exercise and Activity

Did you know that exercise is one of the better ways of helping you cope with stress? You already know how beneficial exercise can be as a way of keeping your weight down, your body buff, and your heart [more…]

Time Management for Less Stress

Here are a few strategies to help you manage your time more efficiently and effectively, and reduce your time-related stress. The first step in this process is to become aware of your current use of time [more…]

Being Mindful of Your Time Relieves Stress

An important step in changing the way you manage your time, which in turn relieves every day stress, is becoming aware of how you use your time. Without awareness, your time management can become a victim [more…]

Make Better Time Management Choices

One great way of creating awareness about your time management is to have some questions ready to ask yourself. These can free you from the grip of auto-pilot and set a more productive course. Here are [more…]

Reduce Stress by Making Lists

Making lists in order to relieve some of your stress might seem so obvious and sooo last century, yet lists can be one of your better time-management tools. Try working with three lists: [more…]

Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Reduce Stress

The first thing you notice when you work with people under a lot of stress is how often they say, “I’m tired.” For some, the stress of the day is what wears them out. But for most people, it’s a matter [more…]

The Power of the Mind in Wellness

The mind has been shown to have a powerful effect on the body, whether spiritually or just hopefully. Meditative and mindful movement takes this power and actively applies it. So whether you believe in [more…]

Mind-Body Foundations Lead to Balanced Life

Mind-Body wellness is all about benefits to the mind and the body. So if you’re a newcomer to mind-body movement of any kind — say, you’ve never even done something like Yoga — you may want to take a look [more…]

How to Breathe Full and Easy for Wellness

Breath is life. Breath is energy. You can live for weeks without food and for days without water, but only for minutes without breathing the air in and out of your body. Breathing not only keeps you alive [more…]

How to Find Energy Central for Wellness

Mind-body movements rely on a good and full energy flow. But even non-mindful movements require the power that comes with a surge of focused energy!

Ever turn on the hose to water your garden or lawn, only [more…]

How to Internalize Principles of Wellness for Energy and Happiness

Wellness for energy and happiness is not only about the movements (or forms) you practice, but about the principles by which you practice the movements. If you tap into the principles properly, you discover [more…]

How to Live T’ai Chi Principles for Overall Wellness

You don’t have to munch on mung beans and tofu to embrace T’ai Chi and its principles as a part of your life, day-in and day-out. Following a T’ai Chi path means just looking at, experiencing, and reacting [more…]

Lifestyle Habits for a Healthy Body and Life

If you treat yourself poorly all the time except when you’re exercising, you also won’t fully benefit from the journey. You must take care of your body in all ways. You need to treat your other daily functions [more…]

Ten Wellness Tips for a Calmer, Fuller Life

T’ai Chi is heavily steeped in Taoist philosophy. So knowing the basics about how to live that philosophy can give your T’ai Chi practice a real boost. And knowing the why and wherefore behind a form can [more…]

Mindful Awareness of Chi and Wellness

Chi, your energy source, flows throughout the body. By practicing mindful awareness through standing or walking, you become aware of your chi and encourage free movement through the body. [more…]

How to Deal with the Day-to-Day for Mind-Body Health

These hurdles can be the hardest for many people embarking on a Mind-Body practice for health and wellness. But with the right planning, you can get right over them and move ahead. [more…]

How to Incorporate Tai Chi Principles in a Mind-Body Program

To properly guide yourself through a successful Mind-Body Program, take heed of certain Tai Chi principles. Those principles go along with the all the basic stuff that is the foundation of all mind-body [more…]

Foot Position Basics of Tai Chi for Mind-Body Workouts

Here are a few basic Tai Chi foot positions that you will use over and over in your mind-body workouts. And over and over. They’re the foundations of the forms that follow. Having these basics described [more…]

How to Add Basic Tai Chi Hand to a Mind-Body Routine

Basic Tai Chi hand positions will greatly benefit your mind-body session by providing additional intent and focus to your mindful practice. Here the movement is broken down and isolated because it helps [more…]

How to Overcome Stress, Anxiety, and Other Related Maladies with Mind-Body Techniques

Mind-body techniques provide real benefit for those suffering from stress, anxiety, and other related maladies. “Related maladies” means depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even heart disease [more…]

How to Manage Chronic Disease with Mind-Body Techniques

Mind-body techniques can do wonders for many chronic disease states. Chronic disease can mean any number of medical conditions, such as asthma, hypertension [more…]


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